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This page is going to be devoted Fan Art, mine and hopefuly YOURS! In order to get some images on this page I have decided to post any horror movie related Fan Art, whether or not it has to do with a J. Combs movie. So, if you have ANY horror movie Fan Art please send it to me and I'll be happy to post it.

Oops, just when I thought you guys didn't love me...

The Art of Keiti

Once again I would like to welcome a new artist to the fold, along with a new style. Selar is the first addition to FanArt to work in charcoal, it give a truly magical effect. Cheque it out!

The Art of Selar

My, my, my this page just keeps growing and growing! The amount of talent out there never fails to amaze me! Here with the latest in DS9 art is Emilia!

The Art of Emilia

Another arist from the depths of Cyberspace has made contact with me. I don't think that words are going to do Miss Yvonne's are any justice so I'll just let you get to the visual.

The Art of Miss Yvonne

This new addition to the FanArt ranks works in a diffrent medium than the others. She works in the world of 1's an 0's. The following are re-touched photos by the talented Cattnip.

The Art of Cattnip

Well it seems that all of the artists are coming out of the wood work. Today's feature artist is Judith Riley. Hopfuly she will be sending me some more work soon. There are also rumours of a story to go along with the picutures.

The Art of Judith Riley

I am now boasting a brand new artist to my collection. Hitomi's art is beautiful and I hope to be posting more of it soon. I won't keep you here with my dull words, on to the art!

The Art of Hitomi

My cries for FanArt did not fall on deaf ears after all! I am more than thrilled to be adding the art of the talented Xanthe Lavi. Right now she has some X-files art posted here and in future this collection of art shall exspand. So with out further ado...

The Art of Xanthe Lavi

As the sites creator I felt I should put a few of my works up on the web so here they are.

The Art of Tigeress

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