Herbert West sat in Dan Cain's basement at the computer Dan gave him to shut him up. West didn't know what Dan was so pissed off at. All West did was show up on his door step after escaping prison. After all didn't Dan owe him something after turning state's evidence?

Turning on the computer West saw he had mail. That in it's self was odd. No one off any of the list West was on ever E-mailed him. Opening it West saw it was a get to know you letter.

West read it twice. Frowned then decided to fill it out.

1. What is your name?
Herbert West

2 If you could change your name what would it be?
Something the police don't have on file.

3. What famous person would you change your sexuel oreantion for.
Do they have to be alive?

4. What is your favorite color?
Bight green.

5. What is your favorite food?
Lime jello.

6. What food do you hate?
Fast food.

7.If you could be any animal you want witch would it be?
A cat. I like their arrogance.

8. Have you ever been arrested?
Yes, damn it.

9. Did you do it?
Well , I started it but it didn't do any of the killings. Well ,Hill was  in self defence, and It was for the public good. And I reanimated him latter, well his head.

10. Do you have a Star Wars name?
Yes, but I am not telling any one.

11. Do you ever let your inner nerd out to play?
Yes, when Dan is on one of his dates with those damn females.

12. Have you ever been addicted?
Yes, but Dan made me quit befor he would let me move it.

13. Is the glass half full or half empty?
What's in the glass?

14. If you could slap any one in the world who would it be?
Who ever Dan is fu...seeing lately.

15. Are you or have you ever been an Elvis impersonator?
No , but I had a cell mate once who was.

16. What character from a book, film , or TV would you want to have real for one night?
Barney the dinosaur. So I could kill it, reanimate it and kill it over and over.

17. Would you rather be famous or infamous.
I'm all ready infamous.

18. What guilty pleasures do you have?
I like to watch Jerry Springer on TV. Don't tell Dan , I will never hear the end of it.

19.If you were offered a job in gay porn would you take it?
Only if Dan were in it.

20. Straight porn?
Same as 19.

21. Are soft drinks mostly carbonated battery acid?
Yse and if you don't belive me, I can open up some one's stomach and show you the damage.

22.Which is better: whipped cream, chocolate, or caramel?
Can I have all three?

23. Are you planning to ever take over the world?
Not at this time.

24. What is under your bed?
A bottle of the reagent, nude pics of Dan, body parts in a ice chest from Dan's last fu...girl friend.

25. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
I use to but the cops have Mr. Snuggles still locked up in the evadance room.

26. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done?
Reanamatered Hill's head. Should have flushed it.

27. What is the nicesed thing you have ever done?
I reanimated Howard's fu... girlfriend. It wasn't my falt she took it so badly.

West gave the post a once over and puched send. As he went back to the rest of his E-mail he wondered who could have sent him that.