TITLE; Taking Control
BY; Blaze S. Deverox
WARNING; NC 17, M/M sex
PAIRING; West and Howard
SUMMERY; To keep Howard from backing out, West takes things, in hand.
Doctor Howard Philips shook his head, it had been three days sense he had come to the prison and agreed to work with his idol Doctor Herbert West. Now he was beginning to think he had made a very bad mistake.

West did not need to be told that his new partner was starting to balk. He had seen the sings enough time in Dan Cain to know them. Dan was easy to control when he didn't have a female around. Howard would be easier to control. Dan had feared, hated, and loved West. Howard, the silly boy, had put West on a pedestal. That would make things so much easier.

As the two of them stood side by side in their secret lad, West began in way Dan all ways called his teacher voice to describe to Howard what they were doing. Wile Howard was doing the mixing West's hand slowly began to rub against his thigh.

Howard jerked, but West told him to keep mixing. Howard blinked but did as he was told.

West hid a smile and rubbed harder and work his way in ward. All the wile talking as if it were a since class. When West's hand made it's way between Howard's legs, he found a very impressive erection there.

Howard's breathing was getting faster, but he continued to work. West closed his eyes and controlled his own breathing. Thirteen years was to long a time to go without being the top in sex. The games of pick up the soap in the prison's shower was not very enjoyable if you were the one doing all the picking up. This was better, so much better.

Howard whimper and his hands shook as West opened up the fly to his pants and removed his hard organ. The strokes where slow and ferm. Every time they reached the end of his cock West's thumb would rub the head, then it would return down to the base.

West watched Howard's face as the younger man put the chemicals down and leaned on the table. It would not be much longer now. West moved his hand to cover the head of Howard's cock and was rewarded as his hand filled with the hot seed of life.

Before Howard could say any thing to West, the nurse called for him. As he started to head up the stares West told him to fix his pants. After all it wouldn't do for the others to find out what they were doing down there, now would it.

Howard repaired his clothing, then looking at West he saw his mentors face as impassive as all ways.

After Howard had left, West looked at his hand. It was covered in the younger man's seam. Bring it to his lips West tasted it. It had too long for him. But if he read Howard right not only would he soon be free of this place but his time remaining would be far more pleasant. More pleasant indeed.