TITLE' Taking Control; Flashback Dan;
BY' Blaze S. Deverox
SUMMERY' Herbert thinks back on the first time he did Dan.
Herbert West lay in his cell. It was past lights out. His cell was very quite. Ever sense the Warden stopped put others in the cell with him. The Warden had wanted the others to rape and abuse West, but West turned the tables on him but dominating those week willed fools. If West had learned any thing from that moron Hill it was how to take control of others.

Sex had all ways worked quite well before. West knew what he looked like. His boyish good looks had paid off in the past. Older women and even more older men had fallen for his charms. It took the his very little time to learn how to seduce them, and bend them to his will. As he got older he began to relies that boyish good looks would not work in an adult man. He was still good looking but that would only go so far. Sex was still the key. West spent a great deal of time wile he was is Sweserland learning every sexual kink he could.

West had plenty of time. The only one he had to fuck was Gruber. And the oldman could only go once a night, if that. He did enjoy watching his portage bring himself off.

West licked his lips as he remembered the taste of the old mans cock. Gruber didn't taste sour, he was clean and his diet made his cum sweet. West was very sorry when the old man died, West was very fond of him.

After he arrived in Arkem, West had planed on seducing Dean Halsey. But Hill was already there. He hadn't planed on going after Dan, Megan Halsey had been his goal, but things couldn't have worked out better in the long run.

West hand eased down the front of his pants, just thinking about the ease in seducing Dan. How Dan had wanted him more than he would admit had caused West to become very hard. As West's hand stroked his hardness his mind went back in time to that first time with Dan.

Megan Halsey have broken her date with Dan that night. Most likely blowing some jock. When West had returned home from his turn at the hospital he heard the shower running. That in it's self was odd, Dan never showered this late and West remembered Dan asking him to knock before coming in because Meg was cuming over.

That meant either they were getting kinky or Meg didn't make it. A quick listen at the door told him all he needed to know. The bitch didn't make it. Well, Herbert West was not going to let Danny Boy down. Not yet at least.

West striped out of his clothes and placed them on his bed. Softfooted he entered the small bath room. Sure enough there was Dan trying to ease the reageing hardon he had. West slipped behind him and reached around and griped the swollen member.

"Allow me to help you with that Dan."

Dan pulled away as if he had been burned. His eyes so wide they all most popped out of his skull.

"Damn it West. Where did you come from?" A hard look. " West, if you're Gay, that's your business. I'm not. I mean I think your a nice looking guy and all but I'm not in to guys."

West placed his hand on Dan's mouth. " Hush Dan. I am neither Gay or Straight. I just don't differanecate between the sexes. If I want to fuck someone I do. And right now it looks like time for us to do some bonding."

West drew Dan's head down in to a kiss. Dan resisted at first but gave himself over to the kiss. By the time West released him Dan was all ready week in the knees.

Exploring the taller man's body with hands and mouth West made his way to his goal. The hard throbbing peace of flesh the jutted proudly from Dan's body.  West dug his nails in to Dan's thighs, making him yelp. He teased the under side with the tip of his tong, before taking the balls one at a time in his mouth and sucking on them.

Pulling away he grinned up at Dan. Pure evil in his pale eyes.

Dan looked down at West "Ho my God Herbert please. Don't tease me like this. I'm begging you, please."

West's grin only got more wicked. Without taking his eyes off Dan's West opened his mouth and took the entire length in to his throat. It only took a few sucking stroks before West was rewarded with the salty seed of life.

What caught West off guard was Dan passing out and falling on top of him.

By the time West lugged the heaver man to his room, West had made up his mind he was going to get more out of Dan. Arranging Dan on his bed, West went to his room and returned with a tube of lude. Wile West waited for Dan to wake up he prepped him. No use waiting till the last minuet. After all Dan may try to back out, and West was not going to let that happen.

Dan woke up wile West finger's were stretching him.

"Herbert, what are you doing?"

"Nothing much. Just getting you ready for the next part in this." West put more lude on his hand and greased up his own organ. He then moved between Dan's legs. Pushing them up and apart. " Now Dan we can do this the easy way. By witch you relax and enjoy your self, because I will either way. Or you can try to fight me. Witch case I will take you by force. "

Giving Dan a concerned look. " Don't make me rape you Dan. I don't want to do that but as you can see. I'm in the same shape you were in when I came in to night. I got you off now it's your turn to do the same for me. "

Leaning down West whisper in Dan's ear. " I promise you, I will do every thing I can to make this the best you have ever cum in your life."

All Dan could do was nod. West eased his cock in to the tight hole before him. He moved slowly, giving Dan time to get used to the intrusion. Once he was full in West's boyish face took on a feral gleam.

"Touch your self for me Dan. I want to see your face when you cum."

Dan reached down and took his once again hard organ in his hand and began to stroke him self. Seeing this West pulled all most completely out then slammed back in side.

West had wanted to keep the pace slow but Dan was so tight he jackhammer into the body under him. As he came West fell on Dan's body.

The room smelled of male musk and sweat. West pulled him self out of Dan and sat at the end of the bed. Eyeing his new plaything . " Well?"

"Well, what?"

West giggled. " How many times did you cum silly?"

"Three not counting the one in the shower. Damn it Herbert how did you do that to me?"

West climbed on top of Dan and kissed him. " I know what I'm doing. I've learned quite a few things in my life Dan. I know being a genius will get me far. But only if I can get certain doors to open for me. I like kissing ass like Hill to get where I want to be so I fuck them  instead. "

"Is that why you are with me? To open doors for you?"

Kissing Dan deeply the nipping his nose. " No my darling. I wanted to fuck you from the first moment I saw you. Why do you think I answered your add? You really are lovely you know that?"

"Damn you Herbert West."

Dan pulled him down for a kiss that started anther round of sex.

Back in his cell West brought his semen covered hand to his lips. Dan was long out of his life but Howard was in it. Next was freedom.