This is the thrilling sequel to the original Re-Animator where our heroes, Dr. Dan Cain (Bruce Abbot)and the ever persistent Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) have finished medical school and now work at good old Miskatonic Hospital. It has been 8 months since the "Miskatonic Massacre", the only two survivors of which were Herbert and Dan. The gory ending of Herbert's last experiment has not slowed down his research one bit. Now he is not just re-animating dead cats and cadavers, but individual body parts. Dr. West's main goal is to create a new life (the perfect woman) out of spare parts found around the hospital, starting with none other than Megan Halsey's heart. Bride of Re-Animator is just as gory as the original and has a more humorous air to it.

Bride of Re-Animator Pictures Sounds

Special Attraction

Here are three pictures from the cut scene with Meg at the beginning of Bride of Re-Animator. The quality of the picture isn't very good because I got them off a director's copy that I bought off E-bay.

Cut Scenes

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