TheOriginal-Part 4


            Weyoun scowled to himself as he read the various news reports of the now infamous party. To respect Kilana’s curious wishes, he didn’t say a thing to Lucond about who it was who had made this mess.

            If Weyoun didn’t know any better he would swear that Kilana returned Keevan’sattraction to her. But no. Someone as beautiful and sophisticated as she was could never feel that way for someone so immature and… unrefined! Someone whothought it was funny to make a mockery of their careers, including that of hisown father, the most important man in the world-possibly in the entire quadrant!

            Whatever game those two were playing, there had to be some legitimate reason. Weyoun sighed, tossing the news padd down onto his desk. He looked up to see Kilana smile at him and for a moment that was enough to make Weyoun forget abouteverything else. She sat at the far corner of the room, attempting to relax fora bit in the ever-crowded office. Even working on some banal clerical task shelooked so good-so elegant and confident. She couldn’t possibly feel anything but pity for that brat.

            But you feel more for him, don’t you?

            Weyoun almost flinched at the unwanted-but true revelation. Even he was attracted to Keevan, although he would certainly never act on it. Why should he? He was with Kilana. He was the envy of every man heknew and he did love her very much. And yet still he couldn’t help himself fromthe occasional long stare in Keevan’s direction-Those pouty lips whenever hewas told to get out of the office because he was in the way, those cold, violet eyes that gave away the fact that he was perpetually amused. Usually whensomeone had fallen prey to one of his pranks. He was truly a despicable creature. Lazy, arrogant, useless. Everything Weyoun promised himself that he would never be.

            But there was also something else. Aside from his undeniable beauty, Keevan was obviously a more complex personality than he appeared. It was as if he wantedto punish the rest of the world for not loving and adoring him. Well, Weyouncertainly couldn’t be of help in that department. He didn’t love him any more than he loved breaking up protests or covering for Lucond when Keevan would make him so distressed he couldn’t even speak publicly. The question remained…How did Kilana feel about him?

            Why was she sheltering Keevan in her home? And did Lucond know about it? Probablynot. Keevan was an adult, even if he didn’t act like one, and he was free to doas he pleased. But why would Kilana, Lucond’s most trusted aide, second only toWeyoun, jeopardize her career to comfort him? What in the name of the mysterious Founders was going on with those two?

            "An affair?" asked Kilana, laughing, although it was obvious that Weyoun was not joking. He looked confused, hurt. He was so cute that way. Something he and Keevan had in common.

            "No,my darling," she said, taking Weyoun’s hand as they sat on her couch. Shes poke quietly as not to wake Keevan, who had drunk too much of her kava liquor and had passed out on her bed…where Weyoun found him. "He’s not here for that reason."

            "Then why is he here?" Weyoun asked quickly. So much for being subtle. He didn’t mean to let on just how upset he was.

            "For you."


            "I know how you feel about him," she whispered.

            "You know how much he infuriates me, you mean?"

            "No,Weyoun. I know how you really feel. You’re more obvious than you realize and it’s going to get you into trouble some day if you ever hope to be in Lucond’s place."

            Weyoun said nothing. What did she mean, obvious?

            "I mean," she began, making him panic, despite the fact that he trusted her. He hated when she did that. If only he could read people that well…"Sorry, lover," she continued, "but Keevan knows how you really feel too. He’s young and confused… so you should probably just tell himyourself, before he thinks you’re plotting some conspiracy to humiliate him.You know how he is."

            "T-tellhim what? Why?" he asked, wishing his heart would stop beating so loudly.

            Kilana looked him in the eyes-ice blue against dramatic purple-looking cool and confident as always.

"You know I would never do anything tokeep you from accomplishing everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ll always be right here, beside you," she said, taking his hand again, which he must have pulled away involuntarily at some point. "I’d never stand in your way… I love you."

"What… what do you want me to do? …With him?"

"Whatever you want. But not now. Wait until he’s sober."

"And perhaps when you are as well!"snarled Weyoun. Kilana jumped slightly. Weyoun very rarely raised his voice-especially to her. She hadn’t seen that coming. Why was he so humiliated when his attraction for the young man she’d befriended was completely acceptable to her? Did he feel that he was betraying Lucond? That she was betraying Lucond.. or Weyoun?

However, she didn’t have time to ask beforeWeyoun got up and headed straight for the door, going… where? She didn’t know,as he put up every emotional barrier he had to keep her from finding out.

To be continued…