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Field of Dreams



Weyoun drummed his fingers impatiently on the bar as he watched the Ferengi serving a Cardasian before him. He didn’t like being overlooked and he absolutely hated being ignored. He was, after all, the most powerful being in the Alpha Quadrant.

“So, what’ll it be?” Quark asked him finally. Quark enjoyed making Weyoun wait, he felt it was the least he could do.

“You know what I’m here for, Quark,” replied the Vorta in his usual menacing politeness. Quark reached under the bar and brought out a small box filled with holosuite program crystals.

“The usual?” Weyoun nodded and Quark handed him one of the crystals. Weyoun tossed a strip of latinum on the bar and turned to follow a set of winding stairs up to the holosuites. His two Jem’Hadar bodyguards joined him.


On the gaming floor, across from the bar, the Vorta’s movements were being watched very closely. A D’bo girl had observed his every move from the moment he entered the bar. Ada was inwardly ashamed of herself. A human girl lusting after a Vorta. It was preposterous. But she couldn’t help herself. She’d been on the station for only one week but from the first moment she saw him walking along the promenade she had wanted him, and when she first heard his delicious voice…She snapped out of her trance-like state when a Bajoran girl tapped her on the shoulder to tell her that her shift was over. Ada smiled at the customers, wished them a good game, thanked her replacement and left the bar.   


Ada strolled along the promenade stopping in at stalls and shops to have a look. Eventually she reached Garak’s tailor shop. She stepped inside and was instantly greeted by a tall Cardasian man.

“Good evening, Garak,” she smiled.

“Ahh, Miss Ada. I’ve only just finished your alterations. Would you like to try it on?” Garak gestured for Ada to enter the changing room. “You’ll find the dress on a hanger as you go in.” Ada slipped the dress on and drew back the changing room curtain to show Garak. “Ah, now that’s a dress!” Ada smiled as the tailor took her hands and pulled her out into the shop. Garak stood back with his chin in his hand and watched as Ada turned around. The dress was dark blue, sleeveless, and reached down to the ground, but it also had a plunging neckline and side splits that travelled up the entire length of her long legs. “Well?” he asked.

“It’s perfect,” she said, “Thank you, Garak.” Ada reached up and kissed Garak’s cheek before changing back into her original outfit.

“So why the drastic alterations?” asked the tailor.

“Quark wants me to wear clothes that will make our customers forget about how much latinum they’re spending,” she explained.

“Well this should do it.”


Ada collected her parcel, paid Garak and stepped back out on the promenade. She fought her way through the usual evening crowd and made her way to the habitat ring. She strolled along the corridors not really paying attention to anything in particular, when she felt herself being shoved out of the way at one of the intersections. Startled, she dropped her parcel and cried out indignantly.

“Oh! Why don’t you…” She stopped short when she realised that it had been a Jem’Hadar that had connected with her. Ada backed away slightly.

“Clumsy fool!” The Jem’Hadar stepped back to reveal Weyoun, who bent down and picked up Ada’s parcel for her. “I apologise Miss. But the Jem’Hadar are not what you would call graceful creatures.” Ada swallowed hard as she stared into his mesmeric violet blue eyes.

“Thank you,” she stammered. She accepted the parcel from the Vorta, nodded her head and then walked away briskly, hoping beyond hope that they were not headed in the same direction. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Weyoun and his escorts heading along the opposite corridor. Ada sighed with relief. She may have lusted after him but she also feared him, he was a Vorta after all.


The next day Weyoun came to the bar again, spoke to Quark and then headed for the holosuites. At the end of Ada’s shift she decided she would ask Quark what the Vorta was up to.

“That’s classified,” said the Ferengi. Ada grinned at her boss. She looked around to see if anyone was watching them and then she pushed Quark through his storeroom door and locked it behind them.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she purred, stroking a finger around the sensitive lobe of his enormous ear. Quark tilted his head towards the hand that pleasured him and closed his eyes.

“It’s program Risa 3,” he moaned softly.

“What’s Risa 3,” she asked. Quark opened his eyes and grinned lasciviously at Ada. She lifted her other hand and stroked both of Quark’s lobes at once. He shut his eyes again.

“What do you think a Risa program would be about?” Ada increased the pressure of her stroking so that it was almost pinching. “Ah, okay. It’s a sex program. Pure and simple.” Ada softened her stroking again and then leaned forward and took one of Quark’s lobes between her teeth. She nibbled gently on his flesh and then whispered,

“And how often does Weyoun use this sex program?” Quark gulped as he felt Ada’s tongue work its way up his ear.

“Every day at nineteen hundred hours sharp.” Ada stopped.

“Every day?”

“Apparently Vorta clones aren’t allowed to have sex, but even if they could, it’s not likely anyone around here would want to have sex with them anyway.”

“I suppose not,” agreed Ada. She leaned forward and kissed Quark’s head and then left him alone in the storeroom.


In the morning Ada convinced Quark, through the use of more oo-mox, to let her borrow ‘Risa 3’. She activated the program and entered the holosuite. Ada had never been to Risa but she had heard a lot about it, and from what she saw, ‘Risa 3’ seemed just about right. Everywhere she looked there were scantily clad women going about their business, serving drinks, giving massages, generally giving pleasure where pleasure was needed. She walked across the lobby of the programs hotel and was met by a dark skinned woman with a small, round symbol on her forehead.

“Welcome to Risa, where your pleasure is our pleasure.” The woman led Ada through to a lounge where other ‘guests’ were assembled.

“Computer, freeze program.” Everything stopped. Ada walked around the room observing the people, especially the Risian women. She noted the way they were dressed, the way the held themselves, confidant, in control. She wasn’t sure if she could be that way with Weyoun.

“Computer, can the characters of this program be changed?”

“Please specify.” Ada thought for a moment.

“Computer, when is this program run most frequently?”

“This program has been run every day for the past ten days at nineteen hundred hours.”

“Computer, run program the way it was run at nineteen hundred hours yesterday.” And suddenly the scene changed. The lounge melted away and was replaced by an open field filled with long green grass and flowers that bobbed their brightly coloured heads in a gentle breeze. Ada saw a large tree in the distance and walked towards it. As she drew near she saw a large ornate four-posted bed sitting in its shade. Blue veil curtains were hung around the entire bed and a Risian woman lay in the middle, on her side, with her head propped up on her hand. She wore a pale blue dress that hugged every curve of her figure.

“Computer, freeze program.” Ada pulled back the veils and inspected the woman. She was tall and slim with short blonde hair and green eyes. The only similarities between the two women were their height and build, Ada had long brown hair and blue eyes.

“Computer, is this woman always here or are there others to take her place?”

“The woman on the bed has been changed every time this program has been run.”

“Computer, is the woman on the bed specified or chosen at random?”

“Chosen at random. The only specifications state that the woman must wear the colour blue.”

“Computer, what about the setting? Has it been changed?”

“The setting has not been changed. It has remained constant.” Ada smiled as a plan formed in her mind. She ended the program and left the holosuite.


Ada didn’t have to work on this day so she spent her time window shopping and catching up with friends. Every now and again she spotted Weyoun walking along the promenade or on one of the overhead walks and her breath caught in her throat. He carried himself with such an air of superiority, so graceful and yet so menacing. It was a huge turn on. Ada had decided her plan of action and at eighteen forty-five, with her newly altered blue dress on, she overrode the holosuite controls and hid inside the one reserved for Weyoun. At nineteen hundred hours the ‘Risa 3’ program was activated. Ada was quick to act. She ran to the bed under the tree and said,

“Computer, deactivate hologram of woman on bed.” The woman disappeared and Ada took her place. She leant against the heavy bed head and stretched out her legs. She could see Weyoun approaching and tried desperately to calm her breathing. When he reached the bed, he took his time to observe Ada, eventually he parted the veils. Ada looked up at him unsure of what to do, she had forgotten to ask the computer that. She sat up and indicated for Weyoun to join her on the bed. He sat down beside her and let his piercing gaze sweep over her. Weyoun reached out and lightly ran his fingers over the bare flesh of her chest, and then he trailed them down between her breasts. Her skin felt soft and warm and Weyoun could feel the girl’s heart beating quickly beneath her dress. He stared into her eyes.

“You’re new to Risa, aren’t you?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I am.” Weyoun lowered his head and kissed between Ada’s breasts, as far as her dress would allow.

“How new?” Ada’s breathing quickened again as Weyoun kissed his way back up her chest and across her neck.

“This is my first time,” she stammered.

“Your first time to Risa. How do you like it so far?”

“I like it a lot,” she sighed, “but when I said that this was my first time, I meant that this was my first time.” Weyoun stopped to look at her again and smiled seductively.

“A virgin. I’ll try to remember to be gentle.”

 He moved Ada so that she lay on her back and he lay beside her. Weyoun ran his hand down her leg, felt for the hem of her dress and dragged it up. He smiled as he took in the sight of her long legs. They were alabaster white and as smooth as silk. Weyoun’s hand squeezed the flesh on the inside of Ada’s thigh and then his devious fingers worked their way higher until they felt downy soft curls. Ada bit her lip as she felt one of Weyoun’s fingers explore even deeper. It parted the down and slipped along the ever increasing wetness of Ada’s slit. Slowly it found its way inside of her and it twisted and stroked until it brought a moan of pleasure from Ada’s lips. Weyoun removed his finger from her body and traced it over Ada’s mouth. She parted her lips and sucked Weyoun’s finger inside, cleaning away her juices. Weyoun smiled at the gesture. It pleased him greatly. He sat up and removed his tunic and boots.

“Take off your dress,” he commanded.

Ada did as she was told and slipped the dress from her shoulders so that it fell to the ground in one sweep of blue fabric. Weyoun stared at her for a moment, the sight of her voluptuous breasts and flat stomach excited him.

“By the Founders, you are exquisite!” Ada knelt on the bed in front of the Vorta. She reached out and lifted his shirt over his head and then fumbled with his trousers as she tried to remove those as well. Weyoun helped her and soon they lay beside one another completely naked. Ada stroked her hand down Weyoun’s lightly muscled chest and smiled at the feel of his soft skin. Her eyes travelled down his body even further and came to rest on his slowly hardening shaft, and she let out a quiet gasp.

The Vorta pulled Ada close and possessed her mouth with his own. His lips were so soft and gentle that Ada melted against him, and as she felt her lust rising within her, her fear of Weyoun vanished and she reached up to stroke the Vorta’s sensitive ears. His hand dug into the flesh of her buttocks causing her to cry out.

“Never stroke a Vorta’s ears unless you really mean it,” he warned viciously. Ada recoiled from him, but his hypnotic eyes captured hers and held her steady. She bit her lip, smiled shyly, and continued to fondle his ears. Weyoun rolled on top of Ada and resumed their kiss. His shaft was rock hard by now and he wanted to be inside this girl. Ada parted her legs instinctively and raised her knees. The Vorta reached between their bodies, grabbed his cock and moistened its tip along Ada’s slit. She was so wet now, and by the Founders she would be so tight. Weyoun nudged his way in to Ada’s body. She flinched a little bit. He broke their kiss again and soothed her nerves with his voice.

“Relax,” he cooed, “Just let me do the work.”

Ada nodded and she opened herself up to him completely. Weyoun tried again. He guided his shaft in but felt resistance. He thrust harder. Ada bit her lip again in an attempt to stifle a cry. Weyoun thrust again and again and again until all of him was inside of her. Ada whimpered quietly beneath him and moved her hands from his ears to his buttocks and urged him deeper. She wanted this. She wanted this man inside of her, and now he was. Weyoun slowly stroked his cock inside her body, soothing her aching skin with her own fluids. Ada turned her face away so that Weyoun wouldn’t see the raw emotion in her eyes, but he looked down at her just in time to see tears running down her cheeks. He kissed her exposed neck, drinking the salty trail of her tears away, and then, to his surprise, she lifted her legs higher and gave him greater access. Weyoun smiled at the beauty below him. His chest was crushed against her soft breasts, her legs were entwined around his body like creepers and the combination of Ada’s hands stroking his ears again, and his cock stroking Ada’s tight, wet cunt were going to push him over the edge at any moment. Ada felt a strange feeling inside of her. It made her want to cry and scream and laugh all at the same time. She looked up into Weyoun’s violet blue eyes, her chest heaved upwards against his and an almost primal moan sounded from within her. Weyoun stared down at Ada and echoed her moan as he too began to climax. He thrust into her harder and faster causing their moans to become lust filled cries. Ada came first and Weyoun felt the flood tide of their coupling wash over him. He continued to push into her until his shaft exploded its load and then he stroked softly again, finally easing out of her. Weyoun rolled on to his back and gathered Ada close to him. She rested her head on his chest and lazily trailed her fingers down his wonderful body.

“Computer, time,” said Weyoun.

“The time is nineteen forty-nine precisely.” Weyoun regarded the girl beside him for a moment before he got up off the bed and dressed. Ada watched him appreciatively.

“Stay,” she begged. Weyoun smiled. He pulled her off the bed and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

“Computer, end program.” The field, the tree and the bed all vanished. Everything vanished except for Weyoun, Ada and her dress, that now lay crumpled on the holosuite floor. Ada panicked and tried to struggle free from Weyoun’s grip but he was too strong. He slammed her up against the wall of the holosuite and she cried out in pain.

“Risian women all wear the symbol of Risa on their foreheads. Who sent you?” he demanded.

“No-one sent me. I just…” Ada stammered as she searched for the right words.

“What? You just what?”

Weyoun was loosing his temper fast. His usual cool and icy exterior had transformed into a savage and violent devil.

“I just wanted to make love to you.”

Weyoun’s eyes closed to slits and his mouth thinned to a cruel line. He released her but watched her intensely. Ada backed away from the Vorta and picked up her dress. She clutched it to her chest and backed away even further as Weyoun walked towards her. He held her eyes with his and smiled sadistically as she ran out of room and backed into a corner. Ada slunk down to the floor, fear had taken over. She pulled her knees up against her chest and wished she could just vanish like the rest of the holosuite program. Weyoun stood over her. He stared down at the frightened girl.

“Make love to me?” he mocked, “Why?”

“Because…you’re so beautiful,” she whispered. Ada looked up in to Weyoun’s eyes again. “Your voice, your body, so graceful, so wonderful…”

Weyoun’s features softened and held out his hand. Ada took it warily and he helped her to her feet.

“Get dressed.”

Ada did as she was told. He watched the girl as she slid the dress over her head and smoothed out the creases with her hands. He came to her and gently stroked her breast through the blue fabric. Ada smiled shyly.

“Lusting after enemy,” sighed Weyoun, “There are a lot of people outside that door that would consider that to be treason.”

“I know,” agreed Ada, “What will you do with me?” Weyoun smiled, as he looked her over.

“I think we can come to an arrangement,” he said. He hauled Ada against him and kissed her passionately. She dissolved into his arms and pulled him down on top of her. Weyoun lifted himself up a little and stared down at Ada with a lustful gaze.

“Computer, begin program ‘Risa 3’, Field of Dreams.”



The End.