Title: Learning Curve

Author: Cevanna

E-mail: cevanna_selia@nympho.co.uk

Status: Completed

Rating: NC-17

Content Warning: Quite a bit of sex, in detail.

Summary: Set before the films, Herbert meets a rather interesting woman...

Disclaimer: Look, I don't own any of the character except one. All the others belong to either HP Lovecraft or Full Moon pictures. I don't want to infringe on any copyrights, I just want to entertain. I also wish no harm to Jeffrey Combs or any of the other actors who have stared in R-A and Bride of R-A. Please don't sue me :) Also no part of this story can be displayed, used or posted without my permission.

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

The corridor was a brilliant white colour, with brown doors down each side. The young woman walked cautiously down the long, gleaming corridor until she reached one of the doors. She read the panel to the right of the door slowly:

'Dr. Hans Gruber'.

This was the room she had been searching for. So, all those hours shouting at the desk clerk and wandering though this maze of a building hadn't been in vane. She had found her destination, with time to spare. She was, the woman checked her watch, twenty minutes early.

After taking a deep breath, she knocked on the heavy door. No answer. She knocked again, this time shouting out.

"Dr. Gruber!" She hoped that her obvious English accent would let the doctor know who was at the door. It worked; the door was opened by an elderly man. He had very pale skin and was going bald. However he still had tuffs of white hair on either side on his head.

"Miss Keaton?" He enquired.

"That's right."

"Ah, do come in." He motioned for her to enter the room. She did so and then turned back to face him. "You are early!"

She smiled. "Yes I am." Dr. Gruber smiled back at the young woman. "I make it a point to be early. It always gives people the right impression."

"How very...British." A voice from behind her made her jump. She turned around to see a young man leaning against one of the work tables. He wasn't particularly tall, but he wasn't short either. He has short black hair and brown eyes hidden behind a large pair of glasses. He was wearing a white shirt with black tie and black trousers. And he was American. That was actually the first thought to enter the woman's head. He was American and quite cute.

"Oh where are my manners?" Dr. Gruber smiled at them both. "West this is April Keaton, she has come to study with me; as you have. Miss Keaton, this is my apprentice; Herbert West."

Herbert nodded to April. April gave Herbert a glare in return.

"What exactly did you mean by that comment just now?" April almost spat at Herbert.

"I just meant that the British have very high standards." Herbert replied. The answer was meant kindly, however Herbert never smiled.

"I see." April turned back to Dr. Gruber. "Where will I be staying?"

"You will be staying with Herbert and I. Our research is very, um, private." Dr. Gruber smiled kindly at April. "You will be staying at my home."

"I see." April replied. "My things are in the lobby. Shall I go and wait there?"

"Yes. We will be down when I have locked the room." Dr. Gruber patted her shoulder.

As April's footsteps disappeared down the corridor Herbert turned to his mentor.

"When you said A. Keaton was coming I presumed you meant Dr. Albert Keaton."

"No." Dr. Gruber chuckled. "Although April is Albert's daughter." He turned to face his apprentice. Herbert stood there, his pupils were dilated and his breathing had increased. Any other person could have missed those signs, but not Hans Gruber. "She is quite beautiful, is she not? And very intelligent, like her father."

Herbert didn't react, so Hans tried again.

"What I like best is her hair. It is so lovely, it's short style, it's colour. Do you think it is true what they say about blondes?" No reply. "Her eyes are quite lovely too. They are an almond shape and a beautiful shade of blue. Do you like them?" No reply. "I love the accent. Very British, very nice. She's very tall is she not? About the same height as you. Very long legs too. Nice body, very, um, curvy. Would you not just love to hold that body against you?"

Herbert didn't reply. He couldn't, he was thinking about April. They had not got off to a very good start. Herbert hoped their relationship would, 'improve'.

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

It had been three days since April's arrival in Switzerland, and already Herbert had mended the damage done by their first encounter. He had done this my first apologising to April for the comment he made in the lab. He had assured he that it was meant as a compliment. He had then helped her unpack her clothes and arrange her room to her liking.

Now he was back in the lab working, April had not come in yet today and Herbert was getting worried. It was as she said:

'I make it a point to be early.'

She was now three hours late.

Herbert was hunched over the table, trying to scribble down his note as quickly as he could when April came in.

"Herbert have you seen my pen?"


"My pen, the blue one." April started lifting up piles of paper in an effort to look for her pen.

"Oh, your, lucky, pen." Herbert almost laughed.

"It's not a lucky pen!" April hissed back. "It's just my favourite that's all."

"I've got it." Herbert held up the pen he has been 'scribbling' with. "I was in the process of using it. If you don't mind, that is."

"No I don't mind." April calmed down. "I've just been hunting for it all morning."

Herbert was suddenly overcome with guilt. He had never asked to use the pen and it was her favourite. He gave himself a mental shake.

*Don't be so weak-minded. It's just a pen.*

"What are you working on?" April walked over to where Herbert's work was lay. "The reagent theory?"

"What else?" Herbert replied.

"May I see?"

"Of course." Herbert smiled. Of course he'd let April see. For her to read his note she was have to lean quite close to Herbert.

As April studies the note Herbert couldn't help but remember Dr Gruber's words.:

'Would you not just love to hold that body against you?'

Herbert knew that Gruber had been trying to provoke his apprentice into confessing he was attracted to the new arrival, but Herbert had to agree. There was just something about April which made his blood boil, something that made every hair on the back of his neck stand on end. April was something very special in Herbert's mind, but how could he make his feelings know? Herbert had an idea.

April was just about to ask Herbert if he was sure he had accounted for all the variables in his equation, when she felt something on her leg. It was a hand; Herbert's hand.

He was slowly caressing the back of her knee, then still slowly it moved up her leg. Up and under her skirt to the top of her thigh. She could feel Herbert's fingers fondling her skin and he could hear him breathing much quicker than usual. She started to straighten up, but Herbert's hand never moved; instead it was joined by it's companion.

Herbert's left hand was now moving up her leg and into her underwear; whereas his right hand was slowly trying to unbutton her blouse.

"Herbert?" April whispered. The hands stopped. "Herbert?" April repeated. The hands disappeared.

April turned round to face a very red faced Herbert West. He was out of breath and sweating, ever so slightly.

"I'm sorry." Was all Herbert could think to say. But instead of the slap he was expecting, April suddenly leaned forward and smiled.

"It's quite all right." She took his hands in hers. "I just wanted to face you, that's all."

Herbert's sigh of relief was audible.

"I thought....." He started. However April had put his left hand inside her half open blouse, Herbert could feel the softness of her skin. The beating of her heart and her body heat. Herbert leaned forward and encircled April with his right arm, placing his right hand on the small of her back. He pulled her close to him and closed his eyes. Yes, it did feel good to hold her against him. Herbert would have been quite happy to remain that way for the rest of his life, however he was suddenly very aware of where they were.

"April?" Herbert leaned up. "We'd better move."

It took April a few seconds to respond. "I suppose so."

Herbert removed his hands and watched as April re-buttoned her blouse. She smiled at him when she had finished; he smiled back. The two quick packed up their things and locked up the lab. They had both decided it would be a good idea to go to Dr. Gruber's house to continue, as the doctor was away for the day.

Upon arriving at the old wooden house Herbert was suddenly very concerned, he had never had sex before and he did not want to disappoint April. Likewise April was nervous, she too was a virgin, and was worried that she would let down Herbert.

The two walked silently into the house and went straight upstairs to Herbert's bedroom. The room was decorated in different shades of blue, with a pine set of drawers; a wardrobe and a large pine four poster bed. Covering the walls were different medical posters. Some had pictures of the brains; others the skeleton. In the corner of the room was a small refrigerator; no doubt Herbert kept his samples of reagent in there.

"Come in." Herbert gestured for April to come into the room and not stand awkwardly in the doorway.

"Thank you." April stepped into the room and took off her coat.

She was wearing a short lilac dress, it complemented her figure and made her legs look longer.

Herbert attempted to make small talk.

"Where in England are you from?"

"I was born in Manchester; but brought up in North Wales. In a small village called Rhosirwaun; near Aberdaron."

"I've never heard for either of them, and I've only heard of Manchester because it was in the news once." Herbert confessed. "I'm afraid I don't know much about your homeland."

"It's all right." April smiled and sat down on the side of the bed. "I'm sure I can teach you." Herbert walked over to her and sat down next to her; but far enough away do as not to pose a threat.

"I'd like that." He put out his right hand and gently touched her leg. "April?"


"How many men have you..." Herbert searched for the right words. "...been with?"

"None." April replied instantly. She decided it was better to get this subject out of the way was quickly as possible.

Herbert looked surprised. "None? But you're so beautiful..."

"Thank you." April cut him off. "However most men don't see that and only see me as a walking brain. A brain they are threatened by."

"I see." Herbert edged along the bed, closer to April. "So I will be you're first?"

"That's right." April looked into Herbert's deep brown eyes. "How many women have you, been with?"

Herbert looked away from April. He did not wish to answer in case she didn't want her first time to be with a thirty year old virgin. However April saw thought his embarrassment.

"You're a virgin too?"

Herbert nodded slowly. He had half expected April to get up and leave, but instead he felt a hand on his leg.

"Good." Was all Herbert heard before April's mouth closed over his.

He could feel the softness and wetness of her lips. Her tongue darted into his mouth, it was met by his tongue. The two tongues wrapped themselves around each other and explored each other's mouths. The kiss was long and passionate, and Herbert was growing harder.

He broke the kiss and looked at April. She still had one hand on his leg, the other was unbuttoning his shirt. He moved his hands onto her body, and felt his way around.

April had finished with Herbert's shirt and slid it over his shoulders. She then moved onto his trousers, undoing his belt she set to work on the button and zipper. Herbert by this time had removed April's dress from the top half of her body and was now admiring the view. He reached out and touched the top of her left breast.

April stood up, much to Herbert's surprise and slid her dress off. She stood there in front of the stunned trainee, wearing nothing but her bra and panties. April smiled, she wanted Herbert to be with her, she wanted him to be her first. She wanted to be his first. Herbert stood up and pulled his trousers down. He bent down and pulled his shoes and socks off and then walked over to April.

"Are you sure you want this?" His voice was shaking almost as much as his body.

"Yes." April threw her arms around his naked shoulders. "I want you."

Herbert smiled. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra; it fell to the floor. Without saying anything, Herbert bent down and took April's left nipple in his mouth. April moaned and ran her fingers thought his hair.

He ran his lips over it and his tongue around it. He could feel it growing harder in his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on her nipple until it stood erect and red on her breast. Herbert looked over at the right nipple; he was please to see that it was mimicking it's partner.

Herbert stood up and looked at April again. She smiled, impishly at him and slowly knelt down. Her hand slowly pulled down his shorts; they fell to his ankles. Herbert's cock was very erect now, pre-cum was glistening on the tip, and to April's delighted surprise Herbert's cock was quite large.

April leaned forward and kissed the tip of Herbert's penis. He moaned and pushed his hips forward. April opened her mouth as the cock approached. She slowly began to work Herbert's manhood into her mouth until she could take his full length.

Herbert could believe what was happening. Two day's ago April hated him, and now here she was giving him a blow job.

"April." Herbert groaned.

"Hmm." Was the reply.

"I'm going to..." Herbert came, he hadn't intended to come in her mouth, however it had been too late. "I'm sorry." Herbert gasped.

April swallowed and stood back up. "It's all right, I wanted you to do that. Now it's your turn."

April walked over to the bed and lay down. Herbert followed, he slowly lowered himself onto her and started to kiss her neck.

"Down." April almost ordered.

Herbert smiled and slowly started to kiss down April's body. As he reached her panties Herbert stopped, he slowly and gently pulled them down; so as to tease her. She lay there, exposed to him for a second, before his head went down. The feeling of April writhing and groaning beneath him was like nothing Herbert West had ever felt before. He lapped away at the clit, like a puppy lapping water. Her hands were in his hair forcing his head to stay down, playing with his hair. Suddenly April yanked Herbert up to face her.

"No." She gasped. "I don't want to come like this. I want you in me."

Herbert's smile grew, as he gazed down as his already erect member. He carefully positioned himself over April, she was glistening with beads of sweat, her breasts rising and falling with very breath. Then with one move he was inside her, he could feel the tightness of her pussy, the moistness of her, the whole experiences of fucking April was rushing over Herbert like rain; it felt wonderful.

April was loving her first time, feeling Herbert's cock sliding in and out. Looking up at his face dripping with sweat, and feeling total adoration for this man. The experience of reaching down to touch his penis as it trust in and out of her moist pussy. April had never felt more beautiful in all her life; it felt wonderful.

Herbert gave a small moan as he trust in and out of his new lover. April gasped and groaned as Herbert trust home. They came together and fell into each others loving embrace.

Nothing was said as Herbert pulled out, the two exchanged nothing more than a look; but that look had said it all. They loved each other.

They lay there secure in the knowledge the other was there, until they slowly drifted off to sleep.

____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Herbert chuckled softly.

"He really has no idea what went on that day he was away."

"Aww bless." April grinned. The smile slowly faded. "I wish I didn't have to go."

Herbert's smile disappeared. "Then stay."

"I can't. I'm going to study in America." April put her arms around Herbert. "Perhaps we'll met up one day."

"Perhaps." Herbert muttered into April's soft hair. "But why do you have to go so soon?"

"I've told you already, I was only supposed to be studying here for a short time." April kissed Herbert's neck softly.

"Oh, yes." Herbert chuckled again. "You were sent here to study. You didn't learn much about medicine or biology did you?"

April pulled back to look into Herbert's eyes. "Oh I don't know. I learnt quite a lot about anatomy."

"I'm going to miss you Miss Keaton." Herbert sighed. "There will never be another like you."

"I'll miss you too Mr West." April kissed Herbert's lips briefly before continuing. "I'll think of you always."

"April! Your taxi, it is here!" Dr Gruber called from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a second!" April called back. "I have to go now." She whispered to Herbert. With that April grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs, Herbert moved to the window to watch his one and only love drive away in a taxi.

No there would never be another like April, not for Herbert West. His work would have to be enough for him until he found her again. Herbert sighed.

"Goodbye April. See you in the next life."