Well here it is, the page you have all been waiting for! OK, maybe you haven't been waiting (and if you have I hope you haven't been holding your breath). Now you no longer have to wander around my site aimlessly. Not that I would EVER discourage you from aimlessly wandering around my site. However, now you can wander with purpose. Have fun. By the way if you would like to be alerted every time I make changes simply send a blank e-mail message to CataCombs44@hotmail.com. This is not a list server, so your e-mail adress will not be sent to everyone on the list, your e-mail will stay private.

2/24/01- The first update of the New Year! And it just happens to be a treat for all you Fan Fic fans out there. A new Vorta tale from Rose of the Vortaphiles herself, Immortal Beloved. Enjoy!

10/28/00- Yeeeehaaa! Someone was kind enough to create a Re-Animator Desktop Theme, three cheers for Susan.

9/20/00- I put up some new pics from the Bride of Re-Animator DVD.

9/8/00- The Art world is a buzz! I have two new artist, Selar and Emilia, and I'v got some new work up by Xan the Lavi, they can all be found in the FanArt section.

9/6/00- (Happy Birthday to Pappa Tigeress!) I have a new Fan Fic author up with some steamy Re-Animator. I also just opened a paged for my sick ink drawings called Dark Ink.

8/11/00- Our newest writer has struck again! In a short story about Dammers, The Dreams of the Dead. Also I have put up a page to the all powerful Lovecraft on the Fun Stuff page.

6/29/00- There is a new story from a new author up on the Fan Fic page. A great Frighteners story by Jamie August called Nine of Hearts.

6/17/00- The Fan Fic page has been updated once again. This time the new links go to whole web pages devoted to fan fiction! So go read until your eyeballs fall out!

4/26/00- Have I mentioned how much I love all you Fan Fiction writters yet? There is a new DS9 story up from New Zeland, it is worth the trip!

4/21/00- Not much new, just a story by yours truly. It is a pure Re-Animator and can be found in the Fan Fic section.

4/12/00- Well lots of stuff over in the Fan Fic section, the entier 'Durhess' story by Jami is up as well as a sequel to 'Spooky' called 'Fading Blue Images' (don't ask me why).

4/5/00- (National Day of Silence, support Gay Rights!) And now on to the updates: There is some great new Fan Fic up by Jami. There is also a new addition to the Links section to a grat Voyager site.

4/3/00- Time for Spring cleaning and updating! There are some Behind the scene shots from the Pit and the Pendulum now up.

3/21/00- My Fan Fiction section is over flowing! I love it! There are new stories by: Jami, Jaybee, and even a new addition J.L Brumley! There is also new art by Miss Yvonne that is simply amazing. I can't tell you how much I love getting stuff from all you fans out there.

3/5/00- There is some amazing new art up by Xan, a lovely portrait of Scully.

2/29/00- (Happy Leap Day). To celebrate this prolonged month I've got some new fan fic for ya from Jaimi. It is NC-17 DS9 slash, so if you're over 18 enjoy Treasure.

2/22/00- Miss Yvonne sent me some new Art Work to share with the world, keep up the great work!.

2/21/00- Someone felt that I was deserving of an award, I'm touched thank you very much. On a diffrent note I've posted some more cross fan fiction, Spooky. It's a X-files/Frighteners/Necronomicon mix, I'm so deranged.

2/4/00- A piece of art went up today by the talented Miss Yvonne. It is worth the trip. Another good journey can be found in the Fan Fiction section in the form of the writing stylings of Judith. Enjoy.

2/3/00- As if you guys didn't have enough to read all ready I went and posted some more Fan Fiction. I was recently bombarded with several great stories and there a few more that I'll post as soon as I get a chance to read them. Keep it coming!

2/2/00- Lot's of new Fan Fiction for all you reading buffs out there. Hopefully I'll have some more up later today.

1/18/00- Three pictures from the cut scene in Bride of Re-Animator went up today.

1/22/00- Lots of new pictures today. To find them just go to the Photo Archive and click on anything that is blinking 'updated' or 'new'. Thanks to Dawn for providing most of the new stuff.

1/21/00- There are some new pictures from I Still Know.... Enjoy.

1/20/00- I added a section of up coming moive rumours to the Fun Stuff page.

1/16/00- Today's update isn't too exciting, just a short story by yours truly, a Re-Animator/X-files cross called Re-Agent.

11/29/99- I've added a new page called Fun Stuff. At some point it will be an activites page full of great entertainment. Right now there's not much on it, go there anyway.

11/17/99- A new site is has been added to the Jeffrey Combs Web Ring: Deutsecher Jeffrey Combs Fan Page. This one has a diffrent twist to it: it's in German. Along with Hitomi's site from Japan it looks like Combs' fans may just be able to take over the world.

11/12/99- A fellow Combs fan has found it in their heart to send me a page of pictures from a 1997 Jeffrey moive called Spoiler. Cheque it out. There have also been some updates to The Words of Combs.

11/3/99- All hail the mighty Crawling Chaos for giving me a wonderful piture of Dr. Vanacult, Jeffrey Combs (Duh!), from House on Haunted Hill. There is also a geat new addition to the FanFic section from the its newest member: Nicole.

10/29/99- Lot's of new stuff today! There is a new artist in our mist: Cattnip. This same artist out of the kindness of her heart sent me some more DS9 Pictures for all you Vortaphiles. I also made a page that lists all of the Death's of Jeffrey Combs, this is a spoiler page so beware.

10/20/99- I've just added a Writing Challenge page. It has topics for people to write stories about.

10/17/99- Well I'm starting to work the bugs out of this page. I'm going to add some stuff to make navigation easier and clean up all those broken links and such. If you have any problems or suggestions I'm always willing to hear them: Tigeress@hotmail.com.

9/21/99- Another wonderful drawing from Judith has been posted for the world to see.

9/11/99- Got a new writter to add to the ever growing collection! Please welcome the Slash of JayBeee. 18 or older only please.

8/19/99(five min. later)- Well I got Judith's stroy in my hot little hands and now you can enjoy The Puzzlebox as well.

8/19/99- More Art by Judith, a cross over work that will soon have a story to go along with it!

6/27/99- Another artist joins the Fan Art page. The work of Judith Riley is a must see.

5/27/99- A new great talent has been added to the Fan Art page. Enjoy the amazing work of Hitomi.

5/25/99- I added a new page to the Links page, Hitomi's Jeffrey Combs Page. The page is based in Japan so don't worry if you can't read everything. I also added a Wallpaper, from Dr. Mordrid.

5/23/99- I've been working on Paint Shop Pro all day to bring you some Backgrounds for your desktop. So cheque it out I will be adding more all the time.

5/21/99- I just heard about a new Combs moive called Attic Expeditions with Seth Green. I don't know much about it but I have some info.

5/20/99- A whole new look for The CataCombs, I hope you like it, it should be more user friendly.

5/2/99- New Fan Fic has been added and it is wonderful. Please go read it, no wait Read it, I command you! Fan Fiction.

3/28/99- Been a while since I've done anything new, and it will continue to stay that way, becuase today's updates are due to the art submission of Xanthe Lavi. So go and enjoy! Xan Art.

3/5/99- I've added some pictures from behind the scenes of Castle Freak and Dr. Mordrid.

2/14/99- Well I am now the proud poster of Fan Fiction. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

2/14/99- Not that it has much to do with Jeffrey Combs, but I have added a link to some of my other art work.

1/24/99- True to form I have added more background pictures about 18 of them from Dr. Mordrid.

1/19/99- I liked the idea of the background pictures so I put nine more up.

1/18/99- I have been busy, there are 16 new pictures in a new section. These are large pictures good for backgrounds.

1/17/99 (later in the day)- Well there are some pics from The Flash. Also Another 7 pics from Re-Animator.

1/17/99- There are two more Deep Space Nine sounds in the Sounds section and one more picture in the Deep Sace Nine section.

1/15/99- I added a page with all the sounds on it so you can find them at a glance.

1/13/99- I added a painting to the Re-Animator collection, worth taking a look.

Coming Soon!

More and more sounds, I don't have very many sounds right now, that will all change soon. I hope to add some pictures of Jeffrey in The Flash. Also I want to add some Fan Fiction and Fan Art, but that is up to you to send me stuff, please!

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