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        "Welcome back, Keevan." Borath's voice was very familiar to
Keevan, as were his surroundings - a cloning suite on his homeworld,
Kurill Prime. The newly-cloned Vorta felt a little dizzy at first, and
couldn't quite see... but his vision soon cleared, and he glanced down
at the perfect body the Founders had given him. "I am alive," he
whispered to himself.

        Keevan stepped down from the transporter-like cloning device,
and an assistant helped him slip into a blue silk robe. The same
assistant handed him a key, and directed him to his temporary
quarters. Keevan glanced at Borath in passing, but the scientist
averted his eyes - Keevan was not exactly his favourite son.


        Borath remembered with pride the first time he'd ignited the
life-force of a being in his care. From that moment on, he'd felt an
almost fatherly concern for those who's genes were entrusted to him.
But Keevan worried him more than most, and it was his behaviour, not
his welfare, that concerned him.

        Arrogance, deceitfulness - these were typical, if not
desirable Vorta traits - along with high intelligence and cunning. But
Keevan had deceived and betrayed his own, sacrificing his trusting,
dependent Jem'Hadar to save his neck. During his detention at the
Federation's pleasure, he had exchanged Dominion secrets for many
privileges and favours...   


        In the privacy of his quarters, Keevan opened his blue silk
robe. He admired himself in a full-length mirror, and watched his
slender hands explore his beautiful new body. They wandered leisurely
over his muscular form - his chest, his shoulders, his arms. They
caressed his thighs, his buttocks, his flanks, and smoothed his belly
with firm, circular strokes... 

        He observed his genitals as he smoothed his pubic hair - his
penis rested limply on a soft black nest, ridges barely noticeable in
the flaccid state. Then he stroked the sleeping member, and watched
for a response - but there was nothing, not even the faintest twitch.
Keevan wasn't worried though - it often took time for a new body to
function properly... 


        Keevan pulled on the uniform of a Vorta Field Supervisor, and
made his way to the replimat. His first meal would be simple - pure
carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to nourish him, and
bland, distilled water to hydrate him.

        The replimat contained a single large table, at which another
Vorta already sat. He was clad completely in red - shirt, trousers,
and boots. His hair was basically the same style as Keevan's, but a
little longer - it hung in soft curls at the back. His ears were
pierced several times along their length, and adorned with glittering
jewellery. Keevan noted with distaste that his nails were the same
colour as his clothing, and that his face was painted. A black line
had been drawn around each eye, and a grey-blue colour applied to each
eyelid. "Hello," he said. "I'm Lewen." The friendly Vorta continued
with his meal, when all he received in return was an icy stare.

         Keevan did not wish to be acquainted with this creature.
Lewen was a Pleasure Vorta - a provider of sexual gratification for
others. Keevan saw nothing wrong with seeking and obtaining sexual
pleasure - he remembered having sex, and enjoying it. But he
considered a Vorta who's primary purpose was to satisfy such cravings
to be the lowest of the low...

        Keevan sat as far away as possible from Lewen, and tried not
to look at him - but he couldn't seem to help it. Something about the
Pleasure Vorta, he didn't know what, compelled him to stare. His
appetite for food had disappeared, and he had a very uncomfortable
feeling in his groin. He felt himself - his previously limp and
unresponsive penis had lengthened and hardened, and stood painfully
erect inside his tight blue trousers. 

        Lewen had finished his meal, and was heading for the door when
Keevan called out to him. "Where do you think _you're_ going?"

        "I... I am returning to my quarters." Lewen was a little
disconcerted by the tone of the enquiry. Keevan rose from his seat and
strode purposefully towards him, the bulge in his trousers plainly
visible. Lewen gasped when he saw it, for it dawned on him that
Keevan's intentions were dishonourable. Keevan grabbed him about the
shoulders and by the groin, and kissed him fiercely. Lewen tried in
vain to push him away. "Please don't touch me," he pleaded, once his
mouth had been released. "Why ever not? You ARE a Pleasure Vorta,
aren't you?" Keevan's face expressed puzzlement and annoyance, and
Lewen tried not to show that he was more than a little scared. "Yes,
but I belong to someone," he replied, a slight tremor in his sensuous

        "Who's that? Who do you belong to, little Pleasure Vorta?"

        "My master's name is Yelgrun."

        "Yelgrun... ! Is he here?"

        "No... he isn't, but he will be. He is to be cloned soon, and
I have come to meet him."

        "What happened to him?"

        "He was involved in a prisoner exchange that went wrong," the
Pleasure Vorta replied. "The prisoner he was meant to collect was
killed, and then he was captured himself. But he followed the correct
procedure, and... and took his life..." The sadness in Lewen's voice
suddenly turned to elation. "But we'll be together again, soon!"

        Keevan removed his hand from Lewen's groin, and encircled his
waist as he considered his next move. He thought about letting him go,
but this was an opportunity too good to miss - if he took him now, not
only would he enjoy the physical satisfaction he craved, there would
be a psychological triumph - the violation of Yelgrun's very own

        Keevan exhaled, long and deeply. He held Lewen tightly and
began licking his left ear. The Pleasure Vorta moaned softly as he
felt Keevan's tongue exploring the ridges and probing the aperture. He
bucked into Keevan's hand as it returned to his groin, and his body
betrayed him, hardening in the intimate embrace. "Yelgrun..." Keevan
heard him whisper...    

        "No - not Yelgrun, Keevan...!" Angrily, Keevan threw Lewen
face down onto the table, and pressed down on his shoulders. He
rubbed his engorged penis against his victim's buttocks. "Why are you
doing this?" Lewen wailed. "Is it because I belong to Yelgrun? I know
who you are - you're the one who was supposed to come back with him.
He wouldn't have hurt you."

        "He would have delivered me into the hands of those who did
wish me harm, but I'm doing this because I feel like it," Keevan
informed the whimpering Vorta. "You disgust me, you and your kind. You
know what I am, don't you? I am a Field Supervisor. I have soldiers
under my command. You - you're nothing but a cunt."

        "That's not true," Lewen protested. "Yelgrun thinks far more
of me than that... you should ask his permission before using me!"

        "But he's not here to ask yet, is he? And I wish to fuck you
now." With that, Keevan tore down the Pleasure Vorta's red satin
trousers, and sodomised him brutally.


        Yelgrun never hurt his Pleasure Vorta, but had the occasional
clumsy house-guest who did, so Lewen was used to dealing with a
certain amount of pain. But not like this - deliberate and cruel - and
he hadn't encountered prejudice and hatred before. It was a terrible
shock to him. The gentle creature, who would never hurt anyone unless
commanded to do so, sobbed silently during his ordeal. 

        After what seemed like an eternity to Lewen, Keevan climaxed.
His moan of consummation came as a relief to the Pleasure Vorta, but
Keevan remained inside him for quite some time. He squeezed out his
last drops of semen, and withdrew only when his penis was completely
limp. Then he dried himself with a napkin, screwed it up, and threw
it at Lewen. "Don't you say a word about this to anyone, do you hear?"
The tearful Pleasure Vorta nodded. He remained slumped over the table
as Keevan left the room. "Yelgrun," he sobbed, longing for his master.
"Yelgrun, Yelgrun..."


        "Come in, Keevan, sit down." Keevan was about to find out why
Borath had summoned him to his office. The scientist seated himself
behind his desk, and glanced briefly at the report in his hand. He set
it aside, clasped both hands together in front of him, and focussed on
them as he spoke. 

        "A Vorta was assaulted in the replimat this evening, at around
nineteen hundred hours."

        "Oh? How unpleasant. Was he badly hurt?"

        "He was in great pain, but the physical damage has been
repaired. He is, however, severely traumatised. He can't, or won't,
tell us who raped him."

        "Raped? How can a Pleasure Vorta be raped?" Keevan scoffed.
"They're meant for fucking. That red clothing is like an open
invitation to..."

        Borath looked up, and Keevan realised he'd said too much. He
folded his arms and glared at his interlocutor. "Do you have anything
else to say to me?"

        "Keevan, it has been decided that you shall not continue as a
Field Supervisor." Keevan smiled and nodded, as he anticipated being
promoted to prefect, or ambassador - he'd been wet-nursing Jem'Hadar
for long enough...

        "Time and again you have failed in the post," Borath
continued, shaking his head as he studied his report. "The last
occasion - well, it was disgraceful. You set-up your Jem'Hadar so that
they would be killed, and you allowed yourself to be taken prisoner by
the Federation." Keevan had to admit, he didn't really deserve
promotion. "Quite honestly, Keevan, you were brought back by mistake.
My mistake. And now I have to put it right."

        Keevan was worried. "So... what are you going to do?" he
sneered. "Kill me?"

        "No. I can't do that. I've only just given you life." Borath
was horrified by the suggestion, as Keevan knew he would be. He paused
for a moment, and then he added "You have the looks and appeal of a
Pleasure Vorta, and that is what you shall become. You will be
reprogrammed tonight, and reassigned tomorrow. Someone has
shown interest in you already."

        Keevan's emotional responses ranged from shock to outrage.
"Who is it?" he demanded. "Who wants _me_ for their pleasure? Is it
Yelgrun?" Borath shook his head. "Yelgrun already has a Pleasure
Vorta, as I'm sure you are aware... now, will you submit gracefully,
or will I have to call the Jem'Hadar?"


        "This Vorta is being reprogrammed," Borath informed the
trainee technician at his side. His tone was sombre, for it saddened
him to see Keevan lying unconscious, various flickering devices
attached to his head. "It's highly radical," he continued, "Wiping
someone's memory, altering their personality - it's only done in
extreme circumstances." The trainee wanted to know why Keevan was
being reprogrammed. "He has not been successful in his position as
Field Supervisor... and he has a cruel streak," was all Borath would
say. Emotion was welling up inside him, and he wiped his eyes before
continuing. "When Keevan awakes he'll no longer be a Field Supervisor.
He'll be submissive... he'll no longer be arrogant and cruel. Some
fragments of memory might remain, but even if it was left intact, he
would no longer be able to function as a Field Supervisor. Personally,
I think it's kinder to erase it..."

        Borath dismissed the trainee - he wanted a moment alone with
Keevan. He held the unconscious Vorta's hand, and stroked it gently.
How serene Keevan looked - not a hint of cruelty to be seen in that
beautiful face. "It's for the best, Keevan... it really is." Borath
kissed the hand tenderly, before replacing it at Keevan's side...


        "Lewen..." The Pleasure Vorta was woken gently by Borath.
"Would you like to be the first person Yelgrun sees when he returns?
It's time." 

        Lewen looked at the scientist in amazement - he thought only
laboratory personnel were allowed to be present at a cloning. Then he
remembered his own birth - Yelgrun had been there. He was the first
person Lewen had ever seen, and there had been a look of sheer joy
upon his face. 

        Lewen cast the bed covers aside and stood up, naked and very
beautiful. Borath smiled. "Let's find you something to wear..."


        The being that materialised in the cloning suite recognised
his Pleasure Vorta immediately. "Lewen... It's very good to see you.
Is that for me?" he asked, indicating the robe in Lewen's hands.

        Lewen's blue eyes were filling with tears. He'd longed for
Yelgrun - his touch, his kiss. But now he was here, he couldn't bear
for Yelgrun to so much as look at him. His body had been violated - he
felt unclean, unworthy of Yelgrun, and ashamed of himself. He handed
Yelgrun the robe, but did not help him to dress. Instead, he turned
his back to him, and wrapped his arms protectively around himself.
Puzzled, Yelgrun turned to Borath. "What's wrong with Lewen...?"

        Yelgrun closed his eyes and bowed his head in sorrow, when he
learned that his Pleasure Vorta had been raped. He was devastated, and
Borath placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, as he tried to advise
him how best to treat Lewen.


        "Lewen... please don't turn away from me." The Pleasure Vorta
allowed his master to embrace him, but placed his arms between them.
"It's alright, my lovely Lewen..." Yelgrun tried to reassure him in a
tone as soft as his unusually deep voice would allow. He placed his
hands at the sides of Lewen's beautiful face and began stroking his
ears. But Lewen couldn't bear it, and shook himself free. 

        "What's wrong? Did he touch you there?" 

        Lewen looked straight into Yelgrun's eyes, and saw that they
too were filling with tears. He was overwhelmed by feelings of
tenderness for his master. "Oh Yelgrun, don't... you mustn't..." 

        "Mustn't I... ?"

        Lewen fell into Yelgrun's familiar, loving embrace, and the
two Vorta held each other for several minutes... until Borath informed
them they must leave, for another cloning was about to take place.  


        "These are not our quarters," Lewen informed his master. "No -
this is Borath's home," Yelgrun replied. 

        "But he's not here, he's still cloning - what are we

        "Don't worry - he said we could use his quarters for a few

        "What's wrong with our own quarters?"

        "Not as nice."

        Yelgrun led his Pleasure Vorta into a large lounge area that
contained soft furnishings at one end, and a dining table and chairs
at the other. Borath had his own replicator, but it wasn't working. It
hadn't worked for several days, and that was why he'd made his way to
the replimat that previous evening - and found gentle Lewen, the son
he loved best, abused and bloodied by the son he liked least...    

        "The bathroom's through there - run a bath for me, please

        The bath was a large one, with steps leading into it. It
filled surprisingly quickly, water gushing from several outlets at
once. Lewen monitored the temperature carefully, and added salts to
scent and soften the water - he wanted it to be just right for
Yelgrun. But he was very apprehensive. The two Vorta often bathed
together, and whenever they did, they made love in the water.   

        "Your bath is ready, Yelgrun."

        "Good. So what are you doing still dressed?" Lewen smiled
nervously, and looked away. Yelgrun smiled too, for he was reminded of
the first time he and Lewen made love to each other - that tender
moment when he seduced the innocent little Pleasure Vorta for the very
first time... 

        "Not shy, are you Lewen?" Lewen looked at Yelgrun, a cute
expression on his pretty face, and nodded. "Then I'll undress you
myself - we'll be here all day, otherwise." Yelgrun unbuttoned Lewen's
red silk shirt, and freed it from the waistband of his trousers. He
slipped it over his broad shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.
Then he kissed him tenderly, and let his hands glide over his
beautiful body. He stroked his tiny pink nipples with his fingertips,
and noticed that they were erect. Yelgrun's eyes were drawn to his
Pleasure Vorta's groin. "Why Lewen - I believe you're becoming

        Lewen sighed with relief - he had feared that he would be
impotent following the rape. But Yelgrun had reawakened his sexual
desire, and the physical response had followed naturally. Lewen hugged
and kissed him in gratitude...   

        Yelgrun took his beloved Pleasure Vorta by the hand, and led
him into the scented water. When they were waist deep they turned to
each other, and Yelgrun cupped his hands. He collected some of the
silky water, and let it spill over Lewen's chest. Yelgrun was
cleansing him, so he would't feel dirty or ashamed anymore... 

        Happy chatter echoed down the corridor, as Lewen and his
master made their way to their quarters. Their bath-time lovemaking
had proved to be as passionate and pleasurable as ever, and Lewen was
content in the knowledge that Yelgrun loved him as much as he'd ever
done - nothing between them had changed.

        As they turned the corner they saw two figures walking towards
them. They couldn't see their faces, but one of them wore the blue
tunic of a cloning assistant, and the other wore hardly anything at
all. As they came closer it was revealed that the scantily clad figure
was another Pleasure Vorta. A long red cloak hung from his shoulders,
and his modesty was preserved by a red satin g-string. His wrists were
bound together by a length of red silk.

        Lewen gasped in fear as his face came into focus. He held onto
Yelgrun as Keevan came closer, and Yelgrun responded by giving him a
passionate kiss. He wanted Keevan to see this - but the significance
of the act was lost on the new Pleasure Vorta. His eyes focussed on
the couple as he passed, but he had no idea who they were, and no
memory of what he'd done to one of them. 

        "Do you see, Lewen?" Yelgrun whispered, as Keevan was led into
the distance. "He won't hurt you, or anyone else, ever again..." 

        When Keevan and his escort reached their destination, they
were greeted warmly by the Vorta who answered the door. He was dressed
very casually, in a long white linen shirt, and wore a broad smile
across his handsome face. "Good afternoon, Ambassador," the cloning
assistant bid him. "Here is the Pleasure Vorta you requested. He is

        "Keevan." The ambassador finished the sentence, and gazed 
at the Pleasure Vorta - he seemed enchanted by him. "He was
reprogrammed last night, and is a little disorientated," the cloning
assistant explained. "Normally, he would have spent the next few days

        "I understand - don't worry, I'll take care of him. I'll
contact you if there are any problems." The ambassador dismissed the
cloning assistant, and bid Keevan follow him into his home. He watched
him as he surveyed his new surroundings, and eventually the bewildered
Pleasure Vorta's gaze met his own. "Welcome, Keevan.." Then he noticed
the red silk about Keevan's wrists. "This isn't right - I didn't order
you bound. Here, let me untie you." Keevan knelt before his new
master, and offered up his wrists for their release. It wasn't
necessary for him to do this, but the ambassador was charmed when he
did. Keevan's wrists were freed, and his master coaxed him to his
feet. The ambassador smiled warmly, and held his hands. "Do you know
my name?" he enquired. Keevan shook his head. "Weyoun. I am Weyoun.
And you are Keevan - my Pleasure Vorta, Keevan!" Weyoun laughed, and
hugged his companion in delight...


        Keevan closed his eyes, as Weyoun stroked his beautiful face.
His ears tingled pleasantly as they were caressed, and his jaw nestled
comfortably in the gentle hand that cupped it. Weyoun turned the
beautiful face to one side, and kissed a smooth, creamy-coloured
cheek. His tender lips brushed the silky skin, and drifted slowly
towards the Pleasure Vorta's sensuous mouth. He kissed Keevan
passionately, and reached for the clasp of his long red cloak. The
cloak made a soft rustling sound as it fell gracefully to the floor.
Keevan relaxed as Weyoun took him in his arms, and the passionate kiss
continued. By now, the two Vorta were highly aroused... 

        Weyoun withdrew from the embrace, and unbuttoned his white
linen shirt. He eased it over his shoulders, and let it slip from his
lithe, slender form. He was naked know, apart from a black satin
g-string. Keevan leaned forward, kissed his partner's lightly muscled
chest, and brushed his tiny nipples with his tongue. Weyoun sighed,
and ran his delicate fingers through Keevan's silky black hair. Then
he took him gently by the hand, and led him into his bedroom...


        The two lovely Vorta lay together, touching, kissing,
exploring. Every inch of naked skin was caressed - by gentle hands, or
tender lips, or both. Weyoun drew Keevan closer, and their
satin-covered genitalia touched. He reached down between them, and
stroked Keevan's penis inside its tight red pouch. "Time to take this
off, I think..."

        Confident and relaxed till now, Keevan was overcome by
modesty. Shyly, he removed the scant satin string. His genitals were
exposed for a split second, then covered again with his hands. "Why,
Keevan!" Weyoun teased. "Are you shy?" Such behaviour was expected in
new Pleasure Vorta, and most new masters found it charming. "Keevan,"
Weyoun commanded, gently but firmly, "Let me see you." Keevan
complied, allowing the removal of his hands from the source of his
embarrassment. "There... now what was it you didn't want me to see?
Just look at those ridges...!"

        Weyoun removed his own g-string, and positioned himself so 
that each Vorta faced the other's vital parts. He buried his face in
Keevan's soft pubic hair, and inhaled his musky aroma. Then he tasted
him, sampling his sweet-sour secretion with the tip of his agile

        Keevan moaned softly as Weyoun's tongue danced over his
ridges, and swirled around his sensitive glans. The tip of Weyoun's
penis brushed his lips, tickling them pleasantly, leaving a moist
trail wherever it touched. The wet member pressed gently, and Keevan's
mouth opened, admitting the smooth head and firm, undulated shaft...

        The lovers lay together for a long time, enjoying the
pleasures of mutual fellatio. Neither was in a hurry to climax, but
Keevan came first, his cries muffled by Weyoun's pulsating manhood.
Weyoun drew back, intent on swallowing his creamy, sweet-tasting cum.
Instead he moaned, and spilled it from his lips as his own ejaculate


        The sun was setting over the capital city of Kurill Prime,
when Keevan awoke in his master's arms. At first, he couldn't remember
where he was, or anything that had happened. He glanced upwards, and
saw Weyoun's beautiful face smiling down at him. He detected the scent
of Vorta semen in the air, and the faintest taste of it in his mouth.
Suddenly, the memories of the afternoon's pleasures came flooding
back. He let out a soft moan, and pressed his face to Weyoun's smooth
chest. Weyoun sighed contentedly, and kissed his Pleasure Vorta's
hair. "I wish to bathe now," he said. "You shall join me, Keevan."  


        Weyoun told Keevan to sit on the edge of his large, sunken
bath. He poured cleanser onto his hand, and worked up a rich, creamy,
froth. His soapy hands wandered over Keevan's belly and caressed his
muscular chest. He massaged his shoulders and back, applying the
lather with firm, circular strokes. 

        Weyoun jumped into the warm, thigh-deep water, and stood
before his lovely new Pleasure Vorta. Keevan's eyes closed tightly as
his master soaped his slender thighs, and gently eased them apart...

        Weyoun's soapy hands held his lover's scrotum and massaged his
testicles lightly. Keevan leaned back, and his sighs turned to moans
as Weyoun lathered his penis. He bucked into the hands as they slid up
and down, and Weyoun grinned, contemplating his next manoeuver. "Turn
around," he commanded. "I want to soap your gorgeous ass..."

        Keevan slid into the water and leaned over the edge of the
bath. Weyoun sighed lustfully, and rubbed his soapy palms together.
When he'd generated sufficient foam, he began massaging it into
Keevan's beautiful backside. His supple fingers kneaded in time to his
heavy breathing, and Keevan bent lower as Weyoun's thumbs eased his 
soapy buttocks apart...

        Keevan found Weyoun's ministrations highly stimulating, but
his new body hadn't been penetrated, and had yet to learn the dilation
reflex. Weyoun lubricated a finger with the cleansing liquid, and
Keevan gasped when it slid unexpectedly into his rectum - he felt like
he was taking a... "Easy now - it's the same for all of us," Weyoun
assured him. "Just relax, my lovely - I shall be fucking you, very,
very soon..."

        Weyoun lubricated a second digit, and inserted it alongside
its partner. The gently thrusting fingers loosened and excited the
Pleasure Vorta, and his posterior rotated in response. Satisfied with
Keevan's progress, Weyoun used his free hand to soap his penis. He
smoothed the lather over his throbbing ridges, and disengaged his
other hand.   

        Once again, Keevan's buttocks were eased apart, and this time
something warm, rounded, and much larger than a finger was placed
between them. He felt a slight pressure, and his untrained body
tensed. Weyoun pushed, just a little, making Keevan gasp. He pushed
again, and this time Keevan yelped - Weyoun was halfway inside him
now, and his body was hurting. "Relax, my lovely Keevan - you're doing
just fine." Keevan panted like an animal giving birth, as Weyoun
thrust home...


        "So... were we lovers before?" Keevan wondered. Weyoun
hesitated before answering. "Well... no. When we were both Field
Supervisors we spent some time together. I was attracted to you, and
sometimes, you acted like you were attracted to me. But whenever I
felt encouraged to make a move... you became indignant, and then I
felt ashamed... but that didn't stop me wanting you, or feeling a
certain fondness..." Keevan pondered for a moment before responding.
"I don't remember, but I'm sorry if I..."

        "It's alright, my lovely, don't even think about it - none of
it matters now." 

        Weyoun hugged the Pleasure Vorta who lay beside him in his
bed. He kissed him tenderly, and stroked his curvaceous ear. "Are you
pleased with me, Weyoun?" Keevan was anxious to know. Weyoun laughed,
and rolled on top of him. "Yes, Keevan - I'm very pleased. But what
about you - are you pleased with me? I hope it wasn't too painful for

        "It did hurt, but after a while I didn't care. I just wanted
you to enjoy me." 

        Weyoun rolled over, and pulled Keevan on top of him. "Well,"
he said. "Now it's your turn to enjoy me..." 


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