Weyoun placed several pillows and a towel beneath his belly,
as Keevan approached him from behind. The Pleasure Vorta lay face down
on top of him, and stroked his upper-arm. "Take your time, my lovely,"
Weyoun purred. "I'll be ready whenever you are..."

        Keevan noticed a small bottle of oil on a bedside table. He
coated his palms with its perfumed contents, and massaged his master's
shoulders and back. Weyoun's increasing body heat warmed the slippery
liquid, and pervaded the air with a heady, seductive aroma...

        The Pleasure Vorta's hands glided over Weyoun's buttocks,
smoothing the glistening cheeks. The ambassador exhaled as a hand
delved between them, and oiled his anal cleft. Then he moaned, as a
finger probed for his pliant opening, and bucked when it found its
mark. Keevan was astonished to feel the sphincter loosen, then tighten
again, drawing his finger inside. "You'll learn to do that yourself,"
Weyoun explained breathlessly. "It takes a little practice, that's

        Weyoun loosened his grip, and Keevan moved his finger inside
the warm, velvet-soft passage. He spread the buttocks with his other
hand, and observed his gently probing digit. Then he withdrew from the
tender orifice, bent down, and kissed it. Weyoun shivered as Keevan's
tongue darted, tasting the sweet oil with which he'd been anointed... 

        The Pleasure Vorta knelt behind his master, ready to claim his
prize. He poured oil onto his penis, and tiny, scented streams formed
in the valleys between his ridges. Then he thrust, and Weyoun's velvet
cavern closed about him...


        "It's so terribly upsetting - for both of us," Weyoun told the
Vorta who's face appeared on the viewscreen. "How long has it been
going on?" his good friend Yelgrun enquired. 

        "Well let's see. He's been with me for four moons now. It
started when I'd had him about two. Oh, Yelgrun..! Everything you told
me about owning a Pleasure Vorta is true..! Those first few, blissful
days... teaching him all about himself... all about me..! I'm glad I
made the most of it - the honeymoon's over now. It ended so abruptly -
with the first of those dreams."

        "What does he remember about them?" 

        "Too much, and not enough. He wakes up every night, and sobs
his heart out. He repeats "I hurt him, I hurt him," over and over
again. I ask him "Who is it? Who have you hurt?" And all he can say is
"He's wearing red, like me..." It appears he's re-living the incident
with Lewen - wouldn't you agree?"

        "Indeed. And Borath can't help?"

        "He refuses to erase his memory again - it'd be too dangerous.
And besides, I don't want him to forget those first few days with me.
All Borath can suggest... is what I've told you already."

        Yelgrun raised his eyebrows, and sighed. "Alright," he said.
"I'll talk to Lewen - but I can't promise he'll co-operate. I'm
certainly not going to insist."


        "Weyoun! It's good to see you! And you must be Keevan. I'm
glad to meet you at last - I've heard so much about you." Yelgrun's
guests stepped into his home, and from another doorway, his Pleasure
Vorta appeared. "Lewen - you know my friend Weyoun. He has a Pleasure
Vorta of his own now. Come and meet Keevan."

        Lewen stepped forward, hesitantly. He looked radiant, in a red
silk kaftan and sparkling ear adornments. But he hadn't exactly been
looking forward to seeing Keevan again, and had to force himself to
smile. Weyoun and Yelgrun watched nervously, as Keevan took the hand
that Lewen extended to him. Keevan looked at Lewen's face and froze.
"I think we've met before," he said. Lewen didn't know what to say...

        The pregnant silence that followed was eventually broken by
Weyoun. "I think it's perfectly possible that the two of you have met
before. Keevan, why don't you go with Lewen to his room, and see if
you can figure out where. Yelgrun and I have other matters to

        Obediently, Keevan followed Lewen into his room. Once the door
had closed behind them, Weyoun fell into Yelgrun's arms, and buried
his face in his tunic. "I can't bear his torment," he sobbed "I love
him Yelgrun, I love him so much."

        "Of course you do," his friend replied, holding him tightly.
"What else is a Pleasure Vorta for?"


        Weyoun soon composed himself, and Yelgrun's conversation
turned to Lewen. "It's so brave of him to do this - he cried, you
know, when I told him what we wanted him to do. So then I told him he
didn't have to. But when I explained about the nightmares, and how
upset and confused Keevan is, he agreed to do it. He has the kindest
heart of any Vorta I know... 

        But do you know why it is that Borath loves him so much? He
isn't a clone! Borath created him for me - blended the DNA himself.
Used some of mine, some of his - anything that suited. There might
even be some of yours in him, Weyoun!"

        The revelation rocked Weyoun. "But Yelgrun!" he exclaimed. "If
he has some of your DNA - surely, whenever you... isn't that incest?"
Yelgrun raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Suppose Borath told you Lewen
_did_ have some of your DNA... would that stop _you_?" Weyoun grinned
wickedly, and shook his head, laughing...


        Lewen invited Keevan to sit in his large, comfortable chair.
Keevan nestled into its soft velvet upholstery, and drew his legs up
beneath him. He looked around, but there wasn't much to see in Lewen's
room. Possessing little or no aesthetic sense, Vorta didn't concern
themselves with interior decoration. Lewen had a bed, a storage unit,
a replicator and a chair. His clothes were hidden behind a closet door
- it was an uninspiring mauve colour, just like the ceiling, carpet
and walls.

         Lewen decided he should try to make small-talk, converse with
Keevan as he would any other Pleasure Vorta - they were bound to have
a lot in common. One thing puzzled him though. Why was Keevan wearing
so few clothes? He had on the cloak and tiny g-string he'd worn the
last time Lewen saw him...

        "Doesn't Weyoun let you wear proper clothes?"

        "What? Oh, the g-string... Yes, I have many clothes that
Weyoun has chosen for me. But for this visit he wanted me dressed like
this. I suppose he wants to show me off. This is the first time he's
taken me on a visit to a friend." 

        Lewen nodded. "Yelgrun likes to show me off too. He had
several friends to dinner once and had me wait table in a g-string. By
the third course, it had somehow gotten lost."

        "And you ended up as the desert?"

        "How did you guess?" The two Pleasure Vorta laughed together -
the ice had well and truly been broken. "So what else does Weyoun like
you to wear?" 

        "Sometimes he likes me to wear black. He gave me a pair of
long black leather boots, and a g-string to match. When he tells me to
put them on, I know I'm in for an interesting time." Keevan licked his
lips before continuing. "Once, when I was wearing them, he told me to
go to the replicator and get something called black treacle. It's a
sweet food humans eat, and it's very sticky. He wanted me to spread it
all over his cock and balls and lick it off again. I licked it off his
cock, but I couldn't get it off his balls because it got stuck in the
hair!" Lewen burst out laughing again. Keevan joined in, and added "It
was so difficult to get out, I thought I was going to have to shave

        The two Vorta laughed hysterically for several minutes.
Eventually, Lewen composed himself enough to ask "Would you like
something sweet from the replicator? Something sweet to drink, that
is!" He was still shaking slightly when he turned from the machine
with two glasses of sweet Kurill wine. He kept his eyes on them as he
approached Keevan's convulsing form. "Here you are," he said, offering
one of them. "Careful you don't spill it." But Keevan didn't take the
wine - and Lewen realised he wasn't laughing at all...

        Lewen set the glasses aside, and knelt before his fellow
Pleasure Vorta. He cupped Keevan's trembling jaw in his hand, and
turned his beautiful face towards him. The cobalt eyes glistened as
their tear-ducts overflowed. "I remember what I did to you..."


        Lewen moaned in anguish, and his hand fell to Keevan's
shoulder. Stinging tears filled his own eyes, as he confronted him
with the bitter truth. "Yes, Keevan - you raped me... you raped me!
And you have no idea how much it hurt - when you violate someone's
body, you violate their mind too!" Lewen placed both hands on Keevan's
shoulders, and shook him angrily. "I felt so dirty after what you did,
I didn't think Yelgrun could possibly love me anymore! I actually
turned my back on him - do you know I could have been terminated for
that? Well I didn't care! If Yelgrun didn't love me, I wanted to die!
But he _did_ still love me... he showed me just how much, and saved

        Lewen looked at Keevan - his head rested against the back of
the chair, and his eyes were tightly closed. His whole face contorted
as if he were in pain. Lewen withdrew from him, and sat on the edge of
his bed. "Now look what you've done!" he shouted. "You've made me
angry! You'd made me hate you already! That time in the replimat, I
only wanted to be friends!" He lay down on his side, drew his knees up
to his chest, and put his hands over his ears. Keevan was sobbing "I'm
sorry, I'm sorry..." But Lewen didn't care to listen. That evening in
the replimat, Keevan had been unmoved by his protests - why should he
take any notice of him...? 

        As Keevan wept tears of remorse, Lewen wished this encounter
had never taken place. In his mind, he began to explore his reasons
for agreeing to it in the first place... 


        Lewen couldn't believe what Yelgrun had asked him to do.
"Weyoun has a Pleasure Vorta now," he'd informed him. "It's Keevan.
They shall be visiting us soon. Will you entertain Keevan in your
room?" Lewen trembled as he tried to respond. His mouth opened, but no
sound came out. Hot tears ran down his lovely face, and he gasped for

        So it was decided that Lewen would not be entertaining Keevan
in his room. But Lewen was puzzled by his master's request. As he
listened to Yelgrun's explanation, Lewen recalled the time he'd seen
Keevan in the corridor of the Cloning Facility. He'd been wearing
scant red clothing, and a bewildered, innocent expression on his face.
Lewen remembered Yelgrun's words;

        "Do you see, Lewen? He's not going to hurt you, or anyone
else, ever again."    

        Whatever the misdemeanours of Keevan's previous life, Lewen 
had to accept that it was over. He was a Pleasure Vorta now, and Lewen
didn't want a comrade to suffer, even if it _was_ Keevan. Besides,
Keevan's distress was breaking Weyoun's heart. So Lewen decided he'd
do what Yelgrun had asked - for Weyoun, if no-one else.


        Time had passed, and Lewen still lay in a foetal position on
the bed. He'd analysed his feelings, summarised his thoughts, and
taken into account Keevan's apparent remorse. He sat up and observed
him, still in the plush velvet chair. His legs were bent up in front
of him, and his forehead rested on the arms that clasped his knees
together. His sobbing had long since abated. Lewen figured he must
feel as emotionally drained as he himself did...

        "Keevan...?" The Pleasure Vorta tilted his face upward, and
saw Lewen gazing forlornly at him. "I'm sorry I shouted... please
forgive me for upsetting you..." Keevan stared back, incredulously.
How could Lewen be asking _his_ forgiveness?

        "Lewen... I have nothing to forgive... I deserve your anger. I
deserve your hatred. My behaviour towards you was despicable. I don't
expect _you_ to forgive..." Keevan sobbed again... and Lewen took him
in his arms...


        Lewen drew Keevan out of the velvet chair, and bid him lie on
the bed. He lay down beside him, and once again took him in his arms.
Keevan was puzzled. He felt warm and comfortable in Lewen's embrace,
and could have drifted happily off to sleep... but what was he doing
there? He sighed and fidgeted, as Lewen ran his fingers through his
soft black hair. He drew back, and studied Lewen's beautiful face for
clues. All he saw was a quizzical smile...

        "Why are you being so kind to me?"

        "Because you were upset."

        "You know what I mean."

         Lewen gathered Keevan to him, kissed his forehead, and
sighed. "You need to realise something I've only just come to terms
with myself..."


        "What happened to me," Lewen continued, "Was nothing to do
with _you_. It was a sick, twisted Vorta who abused me, and he doesn't
exist anymore. He wouldn't have said sorry. Well he might have, if
he'd been forced to, but it wouldn't have meant a thing. I know _you_
mean it. And you've suffered for what he did - Yelgrun told me about
the dreams. Chase them away, now Keevan. Be happy - don't cry
anymore." Keevan couldn't help himself - he gave a heart-rending sob.
Lewen stroked him, gently. "There now Keevan, let it all out - but no
more tears after this, alright?"  

        "No - you don't understand. I'm crying because you're so
gentle, and kind... and I don't deserve..."

        "Yes you do." Lewen's heart overflowed with compassion and
tenderness, and he expressed himself in a way that Pleasure Vorta
often do...


        Lewen's mouth closed around Keevan's, and the kiss that
resulted was passionate, penetrating, and deep. Keevan yielded to the
kiss - he hadn't expected it, and was far too stunned to resist. Not
that he wished to, anyway... Lewen broke away and smiled - the look in
his eyes said "Yes, we're really going to do it..." 

        He took Keevan's hands, and placed them inside his open
kaftan. They rested on his smooth, muscular chest, and felt the rapid
beating of his gentle heart. Lewen's hands circled Keevan's belly,
delved down inside his satin g-string, and stroked the erect member
that had hurt him grievously, once - but that didn't matter anymore...

        As Lewen lifted his kaftan over his head, Keevan became a
little concerned, and it showed in his face. "What's wrong?" Lewen
asked him. "Don't you want to make love with me?"

        "Oh yes, yes...!" came the breathless response. "But should we
be doing this? I mean, are we allowed? What would Yelgrun and Weyoun

        "What do you think _they've_ been up to, while we've been in
here?" Lewen replied, beaming. "Of course we're allowed. We _are_ both
Pleasure Vorta, after all..."


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