These sound files are actualy almost evey word Jeffrey Combs says in the movie. There is a lot of swearing, there are few things in this world as amusing as Jeffery Combs swearing enough to make a salior blush. These sound files do give away the end of the movie. So listen at your own risk.


(768K, long but very funny)

"Who the the F**k are you?" "Who the F**k am I? I'm the conscience you never had. I'm revenge.... I'm a cat playing with a mouse...."



"What the F**k happened to you?" "YOU happened!!...."



"I am a man whom fortune has cruelly scratched."



"A plague on both your houses!!"



"Life is as tedious as a twice told tale."


(603, Long But very fuuny)

This is a real1y big wav. but it is well worth the wait. It is the best Jeffrey Combs laugh ever! The laughing eventualy leads to him putting a gun in his mouth and blowing the back of his head off. It's really funny, no, really I'm not kidding.

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