Writing Challenges!

I've set up some Writing Challenges, for all you writers to play with, and to maybe inspire some non-writers into dabbling.

Alert! Send all submissions, comments, questions, ect... directly to Tiefelis@yahoo.com(me). I'd love to hear what you think of this section and what you'd like to see more of. If I can get it, I will. If you can provide it, even better.

If you wish to speak directly to the authors their just click on their names to send an e-mail. They love to hear from people and it's what keeps them bring you new Fan Fic, so please let them know what your thoughts are.


Oh yeah, by the way. Here is how the whole 'rating' thing goes:

G: is generally safe for all
PG: has some frightening subject matter, but not too gory
R: is anything with excessive gore, language, and/or 'tame' sexual situations
NC-17: are stories with sexual situations
Slash: is sexual situations of a homoerotic nature

So be forewarned!

For your pleasure I have put the base story that the fiction comes from under each story.

No disrespect is meant by any of these stories. They are not written for profit or for slander. They are simply flights of fantasy to help us escape the reality that infuses this tainted orb called Earth. All characters are property of their original creators.

I post these stories because this is a wonderfully free country and I want to take full advantage of that. So please either enjoy or go away.


Well it looks like Re-An fan fic is alive and well! Here are two new stories from CataCombs's newest writter. The first one is very funny and I suggest it to anyone with a taste for the light side of horror. The other one is our first offical 'Beyond Re-An' fic!

Getting to Know YouPG


Taking ControlNC-17

slash (Beyond Re-Animator)

Taking Control part 2NC-17

slash (Beyond Re-Animator)

How Herbert West Eats a Reese's Peanutbutter CupG

Cute! (Re-Animator)

S. J. Burt

Well I opened my inbox and found this little jewel waiting for me. I think the title says it all!

Herbert West and the CoedNC-17


Xanthe Lavi

Hello out there in Reader Land. This latest work comes from a long time friend of mine that I've never met. We started e-mailing about three years ago and have become great friends. She is a wonderful Artist and Writer. White Wolf is an orginal work that finds a home here at the CataCombs due to its horror nature. It is a wonderful story and if we ask nice she might just write some more for us. So enjoy! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I liked this story so much that it inspired me to do a drawing of one of the main characters. Click here to see my drawing of Anya.

White WolfR

(Original work)

Bubbles McCoy

Here is the latest fan fic writter in my In-box! This is a wonder story with great plot! I love plot! So read and enjoy!

The Orginal, part one PG.

(Deep Space Nine)

The Orginal, part two PG. (Deep Space Nine)

The Orginal, part three PG. (Deep Space Nine)

The Orginal, part four PG. (Deep Space Nine)

Wendy and Steve

It has been a very long time since I had a new fan fiction to place on my page! So I want to send a big THANK YOU to this new team of writters. I bet if we ask real nice we'll get more! So enjoy the newest member of the CataCombs!

The Unnatural BondNC-17.

(Deep Space Nine)

Part two: One of UsPG.

(Deep Space Nine)

Rose of the Vortaphiles

We have a new addition to our clan here today! As you can see from her name she is a 'bit' of a Vorta fan. Heehee. This is a wonderful story and if you send her some feedback I'm sure this will not be her last story, at least I hope not! Enjoy!

Immortal BelovedR

Little Boy Blue

Let's all give our newest addition a big round of applause. Okay, you can stop now. Heehee. Actualy this is another one of those deals where I'm going to link you right over to their site because they have set up their own little corner of the web devoted to their fan fiction. Be forwarned that most of this stuff is hot and steamy slash fiction rated NC-17. So please wait until your 18th birthday before linking over. Enjoy!

Ma Shea's Little Boy BlueNC-17


We've got a new one! Heehee, I love you people. This one promises us more if we promise to be good. I'm sure Santa can back me up on this one and we can get some more.

The Learning CurveNC-17


Jamie August

A new talent has fallen into my evil hands and I'm going to share it with you all. I just can't keep from spreading this sort of thing(no matter what my doctor recommends). One hand slapping against another makes a wonderful sound for welcoming our newest story teller Jamie.

The Dreams of the DeadG


Nine of HeartsR



Here we have a new link to a page full of fan fiction inculding a full lenght DS9 novel! There you can also find some X-files fiction and some writing tips and even where to find the best chocolate. So enjoy! Just don't forget to come back.

This and That


You know what most of us are missing in our lives? Humour. That's right, every where I go I find people with no sense of humour and sarcasum is simply lost on them completly. We must help these people, and I think this web page is a perfect place to start! It is full of spoofs and humourous writtings.

Dominion Parodical Zone


It would seem that Mr. Combs has a large fan base Down Under. This latest story comes all the way to you from New Zeland. Have no fear I shall not make any tastless Kiwi jokes. This is one of her first works and all I can say about it is: "A star has been born".

The Defeat of WeyounR


J.L Brumley

The latest addition to the fan fiction section comes to you all the way from Australia! It would seem that there are Combs fans all around the world and I couldn't be more thrilled that they have chosen to talk to me. J doesn't want her e-mail address up because she fears bad reviews, which I can't imagine she'd ever get after I read her story! So don't hesitate to send any comments to me, there are no rules against that, heehee.

Doctor West, I Presume?NC-17


Winner Takes AllNC-17


Field of DreamsNC-17

(DS9) I had lost this story, but J found it for me again! Thank you, I'm such a goof.

The Breeding ProgramNC-17

(Fortress) I think this is offically the first Fortress fic I've been given. You gotta love D-Day, he was a great character.

Judith Riley O'Brien

Those of you who have been to the Fan Art page know that Judith is no stranger to the CataCombs archives! Now she has proven herself not only a great artist but a wonderful writer. The first story is about young Herbert West. The second is the beginning of a cross over between Hellraiser and Re-Animator. Which has drawings that go with it.

Lousy Traumatic Childhood!G

(Early Re-Animator)

The Puzzle BoxR



Here is some brand new Re-Animator and DS9 slash from my new transatlatic friend in Scotland. She is truly a chick of the world (please don't hurt me for using the word 'chick') and a very talented writter. She has an amazing grasp on human relations and interactions that is clearly exspressed in her writting.

Sara Devi's Home Page

This is Jami's homepage and it has all sorts of great writting on it that is not my web page. So surf on over!

A Matter of TimeNC-17

(Re-Animator, slash)


(DS9, slash)

Body HeatNC-17

(Re-Animator, slash)

Gentle ForceNC-17


This latest story from Jami is an orginal short story inspired by the works and style of everyone's favourite author: H.P Lovecraft. She has now exspaned this story into several instalments.



The Denizens of Durhess

The Caves Under the Hills

The Timeless Place

The Voices of Durhess


Okay so this section is not exsactly Jeffrey Combs, in fact it is not even close. However I don't care, I shall post what I see fit, and I'm sure you'll be glad I did. This is some excellent X-files slash and there is more on the way!

Losing ItNC-17

(X-Files, Slash)


This is actually a link to Cattnip's Jeffrey Comb's site. It has all sorts of great Fan Fic that she has written and a photo gallery that may rival mine some day soon. I don't mind sending traffic her way, us Combs fan's have to stick together.

The Basement


Here are a few of mine. They're short stories that got out of hand. The first one has an appearance by yours truly (well a future me, I'm still working on the Veterinarian thing), whom I quickly kill off, yes I'm sick, but it was fun. Then it only seemed natural to put Re-Animator and X-files together, and then the same with Frighteners/Necronomicon, and so on, I don't know why. I forgot to write a disclamer so here it is: All the characters are owned by their original creators, blah, blah, copyright, blah, blah, no harm intended, please don't sue, blah, blah, I'm not worth any money anyway, blah, blah.

Okay here is some more shameless self promotion: I've got a web page up of my original short stories. It is just some stuff that I wrote up in my spare time and it is not nearly as embarassing (too me) as all this X-files junk that I write. Heehee.

Tigeress, the Author

Innsmouth BloodPG

(H.P. Lovecraft's Innsmouth/X-files)







Fading Blue ImagesR

('Spooky' sequel)(Frighteners/X-files/Dr. Mordrid)

This next story has nothing to do with Jeffrey Combs. But this is MY site and I can post whatever I want. It is based off a dream I had. I believe that this dream is a peek at the Truth. Be afraid, be *very* afraid...

Dreams of the FutureG

(based on a True Dream)


{*Sniff*, *sniff*} What's that smell? I think it just might be the sent of unrestrained creativity flowing out onto the web. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm excited about a new addition to the FanFic section. Without further ado here's a great DS9 story from Nicole.

The ImplantG



For all you hard core DS9 fans I bring you the writing styles of Ceefax! I would like to thank her for not only writing them, but for letting me share them with the world.

"Strange Bedfellows"NC-17



(DS9, slash)

"Ties of Blood and Vorta"NC-17


Ann Black

We have a new addition to the fan fiction section. This is a Babylon 5 piece that isn't quite finished. When it done it will be a novel. So there is plenty to get you fan fiction addicts started. Of course I'm loving it so far, and wait with baited breath for more. So please e-mail her and encourage her to write more!

The White RoomPG

(Babylon 5)

T.M. Spell

I had to take down "Red Tide, White Tide" so I hope you all got a chance to 
enjoy it.  However I've got something from TMS to replace it!  It is the first half of 
a Re-Animator fiction that is to 'die' for.  It's got everything and more.  Enjoy the first half and
the rest is soon come.

Son of Re-AnimatorNC-17

(Re-Animator *Duh*)


The fan fiction collection continues to grow! Here is some heavy slash fiction from JayBee. As I've said before there is lots of slash sex here so please 18 or older only! If it's one thing Star Trek fans can't get enough of it's slash. So if you keep writting it, I'll keep posting it!

Ah! A new piece by Jaybee, you just can't keep a good dog down.

My Darling FounderNC-17

(DS9, slash)

So My LoveNC-17

(DS9, slash)


(DS9, slash)


(DS9, slash)

Secrets KeptNC-17


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