WARNING: You probably shouldn't be reading this if you're under 18 or if you're offended by the idea of homosexual rape (or just homosexuality where Ferengi are concerned). Disclaimer: All characters contained therein belong to Paramount, and are nothing to do with me. Author: Ceefax. Feedback to C_fax@hotmail.com Acknowledgements: Thanks to Bert, who came up with the idea in the first place.


Quark sat with his head in his hands, and brooded. Why did these sort of things always happen to him? Just as he managed to drag himself up to the rim of the cesspit that his life had become, someone stamped on his fingers and sent him hurtling back to the fetid depths. And in this case, the finger-stamper was one Liquidator Brunt, of the FCA.

He got to his feet, took the two steps that were needed to reach the cell's opposite wall, scooped up a handful of water from the cracked bowl on the floor and gulped it down. *Just another twenty minutes...* he thought, again. *That was all I needed. I would have be en out of their jurisdiction, and they wouldn't be able to do a damned thing about it*. And even if, by some miracle, the FCA had caught up with him, from Terok Nor he could have bought transportation to anywhere in the quadrant. He was bitterly disappointed that he had missed his chance to start again. He had liked the sound of that station. Of course, he wouldn't have an exceptionally large profit margin at first, with the Cardassians being his only customers; but the Federation was beginning to make noises about liberating Bajor, and where the Federation went, alcohol sales were sure to follow.

Not that he had anything against Cardassians. At least they had outlawed slavery. Quark had never really felt comfortable with that particular aspect of Ferengi society. Although, of course, it made perfect economic sense. Why leave criminals locked up in prisons, where they were expensive to keep, when they could be providing free labour? If you could afford one, that is.

Perhaps it was because of his background. After all, his family had never been able to afford even a servant, so he had never had the opportunity to become familiar with the idea and the ideals of service. Not that any of this made the slightest difference now. He had been caught, and he was going to be sold. He snuggled into the cold corner of his damp cell, and made a vague attempt at sleep.


It was almost sunset, and he hadn't been bought. Naked as a female, chained hand and foot, and completely unwanted, Quark had decided, without a doubt, that this was easily the most humiliating day of his entire life. He was freezing. He had been forced to stand in the rain all day, and he could no longer feel his feet. His fingers and lobes were rapidly joining them, not to mention certain other problems the cold engendered. *That's probably why you haven't sold*. A small voice, completely unbidden, crept into his wearied mind. *After all, it's not as if you're exactly _impressive_ when it isn't cold*.

He closed his eyes in utter depression and exhaustion, only to wrench them open again as somebody snapped their fingers a bare half-centimetre from his nose. He found himself staring into the deep, dark eyes of "Brunt, FCA."

"What... you... how..."

Brunt slowly ran his eyes down Quark's body, then, even more slowly, ran them back up again. Quark had never wanted to be Vulcan more in his life. They could stop their own hearts. "Congratulations, Quark. You have a buyer." "No..." Quark whispered.

Brunt shook his head. "That's '_no master_'."


A slow, lazy smile spread across Brunt's face, exposing twin rows of neatly filed teeth. "What can I say? You have pretty hands. I'm looking forward to making use of them." The slavemaster unfastened Quark from the wall, and handed the chain to Brunt, who thanked and tipped the man. Then he jerked sharply on the chain, almost toppling Quark over. "Come on, let's go home."


By the time they reached 'home' it was almost completely dark. Quark could make out no details of the gardens, but when Brunt tapped the lock to open the front door and ushered him in, Quark stopped dead in amazement. Brunt stepped in front of him, smiled affectionately, placed his fingertips under Quark's chin, and gently closed his mouth. The place was _enormous_. Quark's mind refused to even contemplate how much it would cost, and how a liquidator could possibly afford it.

While he was admiring the decor his master moved to the wall and tugged on an elaborate bellpull. Quark could hear a soft jangling from another room, then approaching footsteps. A door slid aside to admit a young female. A rather pretty young female, Quark noticed, but was careful to give no indication that he had. He doubted that his new master would appreciate his appreciation of her.

"Ani, this is Quark. Take him to the servants wing, and get him something to eat. Then bring him to my bedroom."

Quark's eyes widened. *He _certainly_ doesn't waste any time...* Meanwhile Ani had given her master a half-bow, and ushered Quark to the door. They walked along a few lavishly decorated corridors in silence. By now Quark had warmed up enough to be able the feel his feet again, but he still felt uncomfortably chilled (he was beginning to sympathise with females) and his shoulder was itching where his electronic tag had been inserted.

"So, do you talk?" He began, in an attempt to lighten the crushing atmosphere.

"Probably as much as you," she replied unenthusiastically. "Here we are,"

The servant's wing was positively gloomy compared to the rest of the house, but that impression was almost solely due to the lack of ornamentation. There were several low beds lining the walls, one of which was occupied by an unidentifiable lump of blankets. Ani scooped a bowl of stew from the pot simmering on a small stove in the corner and took a bowl for herself. They sat down on one of the free beds, and ate.

"Can I give you some advice?" Ani asked.

"Uh, sure, if you want to," Quark replied, between mouthfuls.

"You might as well try to enjoy it. If you co-operate, he's really quite gentle." Quark, who had almost managed to push his upcoming fate out of his mind, just nodded.


Brunt lay flat on his back, his fingers laced together over his chest, and his head resting on Quark's lap. Quark's fingers were tentativly, unwillingly, and inexpertly caressing his ears.

"Oh, Quark," he sighed softly, "we really are going to have to teach you how to do this. I don't like to keep uneducated slaves." He sat up and took Quark's wrist, guiding his fingertips around the edge of his left lobe, then gently pulling them inwards to skate over the sensitive areas closer to the centre. He had closed his eyes and his breathing had begun to quicken. "Yeesssss. _Just_ like that..."

Quark pushed away thoughts of digging in his fingernails, tearing away chunks of flesh, hearing his masters shrieks of agony as the blood ran down his neck... No. Maiming his master would, in all probability, not help his career prospects. *And besides, it could be much worse*, his mind prissily informed him. *He's not _completely_ unattractive, after all...* And Quark was forced to concede that he was not. Tall, slim and graceful, obviously wealthy, and those eyes... you could lose yourself in those eyes...

*Almost makes you want to be a female, doesn't it?* Another, more cynical facet of his mind broke in. *Modern medicine can work wonders, you know. Just think of all the beautiful babies you'll have together, Quark. And will they have their daddy's eyes, do you think?*

"Quark, you're pinching..."

"Sorry..." Quark hastily resumed his gentle massage.

"You're sorry, WHAT?"

"I'm sorry, Master."

"If you were anyone other than you, Quark, you'd be more trouble than you're worth."

*What has he got against _me_?* Quark asked himself. *Well, his lobes for a start*, the internal cynic replied. *Shut UP*, Quark ordered. To take his mind off things, he leaned forward and blew softly into his master's right ear. Brunt moaned, wrapped his arms around Quark's shoulders and pulled him against his chest. For Quark, the rough texture of cloth, and the occasional shock of cold smoothness from various items of jewellery against his skin was a surprisingly pleasurable sensation.

He ran the tip of his nose along the curve of Brunt's ear, then followed it with his tongue. "Oh, now that's _much_ better," Brunt whispered, his soft warm breath delightfully stimulating Quark's own lobes. The liquidator began to gently stroke Quark's back, pulling him even closer. Quark took the base of an ear in his mouth, and nibbled at it, pausing every so often to run his tongue over the soft, smooth skin. Brunt began to lean forward, slowly lowering Quark to the bed beneath him.

As his back touched the cool sheets, Quark was suddenly aware of just how vulnerable he was. Technically, he was this man's property, and as such, Brunt was entitled to do absolutely anything he wanted, and no-one would question any of his actions. He opened his mouth to protest, no matter how useless such a protest would ultimately turn out to be, only to have it filled by Brunt's soft, warm, eager tongue.

"Oomusha..." he began anyway, but Brunt silenced him with a gentle slap to the right ear. After several minutes of carefully exploring Quark's mouth, and nipping at his tongue whenever it became over-familiar, he broke away to kiss Quark's nose, his forehead, his lips again briefly, his eyelids, then moved on to nuzzle at his lobes, all the while slowly rubbing his hips back and forth against Quark's.

"You are so _beautiful_," he whispered, sliding one hand down Quark's side, until he reached his hips. He slipped his hand between their hot bodies, and into Quark's crotch.

Quark dug his fingers into his master's shoulders and cried out with surprise and pleasure. As Brunt's fingers slowly eased their way up and down Quark's rapidly-hardening cock, he arched his back, and moaned softly into Brunt's ear, "yes, yes... there... just _there_... Brunt had found a particularly sensitive spot at the root of Quark's cock, and as his fingertips returned to it, Quark shivered at the sensation, and bit down gently on Brunt's lobe, making him gasp.

Brunt suddenly pulled away, sitting upright again. "No..." Quark breathed, sitting up in turn to follow his master's mouth. Brunt put his hands onto Quark's shoulders, and gently pushed him back down.

"No," he said firmly. "I think it's time for something a bit more fun."

"Like what?" Quark asked apprehensively, and a little breathlessly.

Brunt smiled and began to unfasten his trousers. "You really haven't had much experience in this area, have you?"

*No, I've never been sold into slavery and sexually assaulted by an emotionally crippled liquidator before, how_ever_ did you guess?* "No, master."

"It doesn't matter," Brunt said, holding out his hands to pull Quark up into a siting position. "Just don't bite."

"Hey, look, I really don't think..." Quark began, his earlier enjoyment forgotten, but Brunt clapped his hand over his mouth.

"I'm getting tired of your constant whining, Quark. You do _not_ think, you do what you are _told_. And I'm _telling_ you to sit still, and keep quiet. All right?"

"Yes." Brunt looked questioningly at him. "Yes, master. Sorry, master."

Brunt smiled. "Good boy, Quark." He ran his fingers lightly over Quark's lobes, then moved them down to carefully part his lips. Quark whimpered faintly, suddenly sure he was going to burst into tears at any moment. Brunt's hands moved back to his lobes, gripping them firmly but gently, and pulled him forward.

Quark hastily repelled the almost overwhelming urge to struggle, to pull away, to bite down, to do _anything_ that would stop this hideously unpleasant indignity, and gently ran his tongue along the length of the object currently residing in his mouth.

Brunt sighed with pleasure, and began to rub Quark's lobes. Quark, not entirely ungrateful for the distraction, pulled back to concentrate on the head. He circled it with his tongue, then slowly dragged it over the very tip... Brunt cried out softly, pushing Quark against him harder. Quark eased forward to take Brunt's whole cock into his mouth, then pulled back, this time using the sharpened points of his teeth to stimulate the sensitive skin. The liquidator screamed, his fingernails digging painfully into Quark's lobes, causing a somewhat muffled echo.

Brunt began to ease himself slowly in and out of Quark's mouth, intensifying the incredible sensations that were steadily drowning out all coherent thoughts. The world around him was fading out and disappearing, leaving nothing but him and Quark. He wrapped one leg around Quark's body, moved his left hand from Quark's lobe to cradle the back of his head, and cried out again.

Reaching an abrupt decision, he relaxed his hold on Quark, and withdrew. Quark looked up at him with confusion and fear in his clear, blue eyes. "On the floor, Quark, now," Brunt growled. When Quark hesitated, Brunt seized him by an arm, and threw him roughly from the bed. Quark yelped in pain as he hit the floor, but barely had time to recover before Brunt was on him, dragging him up onto all fours.

With no preamble, Brunt thrust into him. Quark's eyes snapped open wide, and he shrieked. This time he couldn't help himself and began to struggle wildly, desperate to relieve himself of this burning pain... but his master's arms were locked tightly around him, and Brunt wasn't about to let go.

"Stop it, Quark. Don't make me _really_ hurt you," he snarled into Quark's ear. As the pain began to slowly fade as he forced himself to relax, Quark held still, and listened to his master's harsh breaths in the otherwise silent room. All his earlier feelings of pleasure, arousal and contentment had been completely overshadowed by the intense resentment at this violation. A tear dripped down as he closed his eyes and tried to shut out the pain, which was increasing every time Brunt pounded into him.

*Oh, Moogie, I'm so sorry*, he thought desperately, *I'll never be bad again, I promise, just make it _stop_...* But his mother did not come bursting into the room to carry him away to safety. There was only his master, who was now uttering little choking cries in time with his thrusts. Quark began to sob, his mind whispering over and over again, *please just let it be over, please just let it be over... *

Brunt threw his head back, and howled with ecstasy as he reached his climax. As he became aware of his surroundings once more, he also became aware of the sobs of pain from the beautiful creature beneath him. He pulled away, and sat on the edge of the bed, wiping sweat from his forehead. Quark fell to the floor and curled up in a ball, crying helplessly. Brunt sighed, then flopped backwards onto the bed. His eyes closed of their own accord, and he lay still until his breathing had slowed, his heart had ceased thumping, and the only thing standing between him and sleep was the sobbing of his slave.

"Quark..." to his own ears, Brunt sounded as exhausted as he felt. "Come on up here." As Quark pushed himself shakily to his feet, walked across the room and perched uncomfortably on the very edge of the bed, Brunt slowly removed his sweat-soiled clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor, and slid under the blankets. He turned back the covers on Quark's side and smiled at him, invitingly. Quark looked apprehensive. "That's an order," Brunt said. Quark climbed in. Brunt gently slid his arms around him and pulled him close. "I'm sorry," he whispered, then leaned forward and kissed away a tear that remained on Quark's cheek. "I didn't hurt you too badly, did I?"

"No," Quark replied, beginning to relax a little. "I'm just... sore, that's all." It was true. What had felt like knives tearing his skin into a bloody pulp just a few minutes ago had faded to a dull ache, which, although it was still painful, was at least bearable.

"Good," Brunt returned, and he kissed Quark again before settling back into the pillows. Quark rested his head on his master's bare shoulder and closed his eyes. It would feel so good to sleep for a while. After all, he _had_ had a long day...


Ani quietly opened her master's bedroom door. She padded across the room on soft feet, picked up the pile of clothes laying on the floor, and busied herself for a few moments turning them the right way round and shaking them out. When she was done, she carried them out and dropped them into a waiting container in the hallway.

She then made her way back into the room, and slipped into the bed beside her master. He opened his eyes and blinked sleepily at her. "How was he?" she asked in a soft whisper. He put an arm around her shoulders.

"Oh, _nothing_ compared to you, of course."

She smiled affectionately at him and playfully flicked at his nose. He smiled back and said "I think he'll make a good addition to our happy little family, my dear. Don't worry."

"Good," she replied, and snuggled up against him.

He kissed her forehead, and closed his eyes again. Ani followed his lead, and was soon drifting into sleep, soothed by the faint sounds of rain drumming on the roof, and quiet, regular breathing.

the end

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