Writing Challenges

So you think you've brave enough to tackle a Writing Challenge? Well if you have: a keyboard, a word processor, a little imagination, and an IQ higher than the room temperature then I'm betting you've got what it takes. These are designed for fun. They are just some general ideas to get those creative juices flowing. (Try not to drip any of those juices on the carpet because they stain, although I've heard that a little Club Soda takes it right out.)

I will post all entries on my site and the best in each category will receive a prize*. Send all stories to: Tigeress88@hotmail.com. And remember to have fun!

*The prize is 'one pat on the back', which you will have to administer to yourself.



There is about a six month gap between when Dr. Gruber dies in Switzerland and Herbert West enrolls at Miskatonic University. Write a story about the events leading up to West coming to America.

Any story about Re-Animations gone awry is always good. Perhaps a story from the perspective of one of West's Re-Animated creatures. How they feel about their new after life and what they're going to do about it if they are dissatisfied with the gift of life.


Lovecraft left the library with the cursed book, Necronomicon. Now what? Does he continue to use the book in his story research, does he dabble in some of its magic? If so what are the consequences? Do the other monks just let him walk away with their book?

I'm also interested in any story that has a Lovecraft flavour to it. If you read his works you can see a definite style that many writers have mimicked over time. It doesn't have to have a Jeffrey Combs character in it, but maybe just a character that would be perfect for him to play.

Sci-fi/ Fantasy

Dr. Mordrid

Now that the Death's Head has been destroyed and the Earth is safe again Mordrid is now free to explore new worlds, with his new female partner. Write a story about their adventures in different dimensions.


Dammers may be dead, but his spirit still lives on. The movie has already demonstrated that ghost can affect the living world. Will he go off in search of revenge against Frank or will he simply continue his cult work for the FBI?


D-day eludes to his life in pyrotechnics on the outside. Write a story about his life as a tecno thief before and/or up to the heist were he was finally caught.


The Man With Two Brains

Dr. Jones and his accomplice are still lose in Dr. Hfuhruhurr's hospital. They are armed with a scalpel, a bed pan, a razor, and its almost Christmas. It would be impossible for mayhem not to ensue.

Cross Overs

This is a very broad category. You can mix two Jeffrey Combs' movies or one Comb's character in any number of other movies from any genera. You could even mix it in with a TV show. For example a good cross over would be a Re-Animator/X-files, or maybe have the cast of 90210 come to a gruesome Necronomicon like end. Most importantly have fun!

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