I have done what six years of X-files could not, I have found the Truth. This movie is the sad truth of the world today. It is about a computer God that is slowly taking over humanity. Do you seriously think that I spend most of my spare time and what little was left of my sanity building a web page by free will? In reality (a place I rarely visit) I am slave of my internet connection. Just like all you out there. You will be assimilated.

Now then back to the movie.  This has to be the most sarcastic, cynical
character Jeffrey Combs has ever played.  He plays a comic book artist
named Andy Coberman.  He has created a comic book called "Cyberthoughts".
The comic  is about a Cyber God that is taking over humanity.  One woman has taken
his work way to seriously and goes on a killing spree to purge the
Earth of nonbelievers.  

Cyberstalker Pictures

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