Dreams of the Future

I had a dream last night that I must share. It was about Disney finally taking over the world and making slaves of us all. Mel Brooks played the part of Walt Disney and he talked just like Hitler (only in English). He even had the little mustache and a Nazi uniform (I was the only one who noticed this, no one else knew who Hitler was. They were probably brainwashed).

As the dream progressed a few of us rebel of the 20th airborne FOX Fighters (we were going to be the 'Universal Soldiers' until we realized that Disney owns Universal as well, and of course we couldn't be the 'MGM Lion Hearted'. So we had to go with the one Network that they didn't own. Microsoft had already been pulled into Hell because Satan was pissed that his computer kept 'freezing'.) Anyway, we started to try and undermine the Disney World Order.

In the end Disney won over us, by crushing our minds with lethally cute cartoon characters and mind numbing plot points. Then they started the ethnic cleansing. They didn't just kill anyone non-Arian, they started killing off people so that there was a 'perfect' mix of races, you know a token number of non-Aryans, gays, hicks, obese, etc. Of course everyone left alive (this did not seem to include me at this point) was 'stereotypical' and basically normal with only one main character flaw and/or quirk. Therefore 'Utopia' was more or less achieved, and we 'all' lived happily ever after.

I woke screaming....

If your truly *believe* this fate and you *fear* it and wish to *fight* against our future. Please send your e-mail rantings to: FoxFighters@hotmail.com. Together we can win our *freedom* and bring Disney to its animated knees.

As for Microsoft, we'll just have to hope that Satan takes care of Bill Gates, because the Lord knows that no mere mortal can bring him down.

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