I know very little about The Flash tv series. It is based on the action hero The Flash (surprize!). Anyway, Jeffrey Combs had a cameo apperance as a Bad Boy Gangster who wishes to kill The Flash (yet another surprise). The episodes play on the Si-Fi Channel and the epoisode Combs is in is called "Captain Cold". Let me just thank a few people for making the following pictures possible: first of all to Dawn for taking them and second to Kate for getting them to me. What would I do with out the help of fellow fans?

Here's what Dawn had to say about "The Flash":

"Jeff's appearance in 'The Flash': His character is Jimmy Swain, a crime lord who hires Captain Cold to put the Flash "on ice". When Swain breaks a contract with the captain, **he** ends up becoming iced. Check out the tie Swain has on! ;-)"

The Flash Pictures

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