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Welcome all you weary travelers that have nothing better to do with your lives than roam around my site. It could be worse, you could have nothing better to do than *build* this site. But I'm rambling, let's get to the proverbial point. This page is still under construction, however, at some point I hope to expand it to a full length activities page. If you or someone you know has any suggestions for this page let me know! E-mail me at, make the e-mail subject something like "CataCombs Suggestions". If you just write 'Fun Stuff' I'll probably mistake your e-mail for one of the thousand pieces of junk mail I received each day from places like:,, and of course Viagra online. I don't know how these people found me, but I'm on every mailing list.

The following link is to a page that lists out all of Jeffrey's characters that have died. If you don't want to know how most of his movies end then don't go to this page. It contains lots of spoilers.

Rest In Peace

Rumours and Half Truths

Okay, this section has to do with up coming movies that a little bird told me about. If you happen to be a little bird, drop me an e-mail.

Attic Expeditions- This movie should be in theaters this Halloween! I know I'm excited. Jeffrey Combs and Seth Green together at last. Of course Jeffrey will be playing a psychotic doctor.

Faust: Love of the Damned- I don't know much about this movie, just that it has Jeffrey Combs and is directed by the wonderful Brian Yunza.

Beyond Re-Animator- I saved the best for last! There is some talk about Dr. West and Dr. Cain getting together once again. This time instead of just re-animating, Dr. West has found a way to trap souls in dead bodies. Also directed by Brian Yunza.

For the love of Lovecraft

This is a page dedicated to the work of the master of Horror.

Test of Knowledge

At some point I'm going to round up some questions that will test your knowledge of useless information regarding the work of actor Jeffrey Combs.

Your Suggestions Go Here

I'm no longer creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own, so I'm enlisting all of you crazy Combs fans out there to help out.

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