I don't know what is scarier about this movie; the fact that it has a sequel, the fact that it has a long running animated series, or the fact that Mark Hamill is in it. This is truly what all B-movie sci-fi flick aspire to be. There is another disturbingly familiar face in this movie, David Gale (for all of you who have not been paying attention he is Dr. Hill from Re-Animator). The "Guyver" is a super armour technology that was developed by aliens (some one better alert Chris Carter). The Guyver was stolen, lost and then found by and unsuspecting Jack Armstrong. David Gale is a top genetic corporate guru, with his top scientist, Dr. East (Jeffrey Combs). He is combining alien DNA with human DNA to form terrifying half alien half human warriors. Mark Hamill plays a cop who is all ways in the wrong place at the wrong time. I suggest this movie for anyone who can get a good laugh at watching a bad film.

The Guyver Pictures

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