This Fanfic is a slash about two consenting males. The sex is
very explicit, and there is a small amount of bad language.

All character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are the property of
Paramount. This story is Fan-Fiction. It is mine, and nobody else's...

        If you enjoy my little story, I really would LOVE to know.


                         'DARLING FOUNDER'

        Odo sat at the bar feeling very depressed. The time had come
to call it a day as far as he and Kira were concerned. She had known
for a long time how he felt about her, and nothing had happened. If
she loved him, then it wasn't in the same way he loved her. Time to
accept it - lovers they would never be. Time for his heart and mind to
move on. How he wished he could still get drunk.

        "Founder! What a pleasant surprise! May I join you?" Just when
it seemed things couldn't get any worse, Weyoun appeared. He sat down
beside Odo before giving him a chance to answer - but Odo was past
        "You know," said Weyoun, "I would offer to buy you a drink if
it weren't for......"

        "Watch." Odo raised his arm and held out his hand as if he
were holding a glass, and a 'glass' duly appeared. He raised it to his
lips and 'drank'.

        "Oh Founder, that's wonderful, wonderful! What else can you
do?" exclaimed the excited little Vorta. "Wouldn't _you_ like to
know," said Odo reproachfully, thinking the he was getting carried
away. "I'm sorry Founder, I didn't mean to..."

        "That's alright. _Please_, would you call me Odo?"


        Having Weyoun inflict himself upon him made Odo wish all the
more that he could still get drunk. However, time didn't seem to be
passing too slowly. Weyoun did most of the talking, only forgetting
and calling Odo "Founder" twice. It was almost an enjoyable
experience, for although Odo usually found the Vorta irritating beyond
belief, there was something else he felt about Weyoun. He thought he
was absolutely beautiful...

        Weyoun wasn't the easiest person in the universe to get
along with, Odo knew this as well as anyone. But his face was so
lovely - one glance from those unbearably beautiful eyes could take
Odo's breath away!
        Weyoun talked and Odo listened. Not so much as to what 
he was saying, but to the sound of his voice. Soft... sensuous...

        Odo sighed and stared down at the bar. "Odo? I hope I 
haven't been boring you at all."

        "No, no, you haven't. You're a good drinking
companion... Weyoun." Odo smiled at the little Vorta. He wondered 
what his dark hair felt like to touch. Weyoun was delighted that a
Founder enjoyed his company, especially Odo. Weyoun thought about 
Odo whenever he masturbated...


        "I would like to return to my quarters now", Odo said. "I like
to read for a while, before I regenerate. If you'd like to walk with
me, we can talk some more."

        "I hear you have - 'apparatus' in your quarters - to help you
shape-shift?" enquired Weyoun. "That's right. 'Models' for me to use.
Some are quite complex. You could say I 'work-out' with them. Why
don't you come and see?"

        Odo led the way into his quarters, Weyoun hesitating slightly
before entering. What an honour, to be invited into a Founders home!
When Odo had finished explaining how his 'gymnasium' worked, Weyoun
asked him what he was planning to read. It turned out Odo had just
finished a book and was about to choose a new one, so he didn't know

        "Well Odo, thank you for providing a pleasant end to a busy
day. I will see you at the council meeting tomorrow, no doubt." Weyoun
turned and made his way towards the door. He was about to open it,
when he heard Odo reply "I'll be there," at a proximity that startled
him. He turned quickly. Odo was standing just two feet away...


        "My name is Odo."

        "I know..."

        Odo reached out and touched the Vorta's face. He kept his hand
there, and gently stroked the ridges of the elegantly curved ear with
his thumb. Weyoun's eyes closed. He was trembling. He reached up to
touch Odo's hand. Odo thought he might be going to pull it away - but
no, he held the hand in place. He turned his face slightly and kissed
Odo's wrist.

        Weyoun opened his eyes. He reached for Odo, pulled him close,
and kissed him passionately. Odo put his arms around Weyoun and held
him. Odo could feel the aroused Vorta's erection pressing against his
body, and a hard phallus formed in his groin. When Weyoun felt it, he
put his arms around Odo's waist and began rubbing his penis against
it. They held and kissed each other for some time, then Odo reached
down between Weyoun's legs, touched his swollen member, 
and felt his balls. Weyoun held on to Odo, his hips moving
rhythmically to maximise the sensation...


        Odo led Weyoun to the bedroom and sat him down on the bed. 
He knelt before the little Vorta, and began undressing him. Slowly, he
unbuttoned and removed his tunic, and took off his shirt and boots. He
unzipped his trousers, taking care as he eased the slider over his
engorged penis. Then finally, he lay him on the bed, and he pulled off
his trousers and underpants. Odo made his 'uniform' disappear, and
gazed down at the naked Vorta. "You are so very beautiful, Weyoun," he
told him. Weyoun smiled and stretched out, so Odo could examine him
properly. This he proceeded to do, with eyes, and hands, and lips.

        Odo explored Weyoun's belly and chest. His skin felt very
feminine - smooth, supple, and soft. His nipples were tiny, and the
palest pink - Odo sucked them gently, and Weyoun sighed with delight.
Moving further down, Odo caressed the outsides of his thighs, and
Weyoun parted them, so he could work on the insides. Odo worked
upwards with a series of gentle strokes, until at last he reached the
scrotum -  Weyoun's balls were covered in thick, dark, beautifully
soft hair. Weyoun lay there, eyes closed, enjoying every sensation as
Odo's fingers worked their magic. He caressed the balls with one hand,
and the penis with the other, circling the ridged shaft and smooth
glans, distributing the liquid that seeped from the tiny opening in
the tip. Odo discovered an exquisitely sensitive place, just behind
the scrotum - Weyoun gasped and trembled at the slightest touch...

        Weyoun sat up and put his arms around Odo. He kissed him - his
lips, his face, his neck. Odo lay down, and Weyoun looked at him
adoringly. It delighted Odo to see such warmth and affection expressed
in the Vorta's lovely face. Weyoun kissed and caressed his body, as
Odo had done for him, and went down...

        Weyoun started by holding Odo's balls and kissing and nuzzling
them. He planted a row of kisses on his penis, working from the
root upwards, and caressed the shaft and glans with his tongue. Then
at last he took the member in his mouth, and sucked. Odo moaned...


        "Please have me, Odo. I want it so much." 

        Weyoun kneeled on all-fours beside Odo, and Odo stroked his
smooth back. 

        "What is it you want, Weyoun?" 

        Weyoun was puzzled -  he thought it was obvious. "I want you
to sodomise me."

        "Sodomise? But that would be SO humiliating for you."
Weyoun realised Odo was teasing. "Oh please, kind Founder, take pity
on a poor Vorta. I have been so wicked and bad. I beg my punishment.
Please humiliate me. Debase me. Oh _gods!_ Fuck me Odo, _please!"_

        Weyoun felt Odo's firm hands on his buttocks, and shuddered
with excitement as he felt them being eased apart. Odo held them
apart, and saw the anus dilate invitingly. He closed his eyes and
sighed - he had always wanted to fuck Weyoun, and now he was actually
about to do it. Weyoun felt the head of Odo's penis at his entrance,
and moaned softly as the gentle Changeling eased his member inside.

        Weyoun gripped Odo's penis with his anal sphincter - Odo
enjoyed the sensation. When Weyoun relaxed, Odo began thrusting,
slowly, gently. After a time, the thrusts became harder, faster.
"There," he said, "I'm fucking you, you little shit of a Vorta, just
like you wanted. Are you enjoying it?" Weyoun found the verbal abuse
tremendously exciting and wanted to answer, but couldn't. He was
gasping, each gasp deeper than the one before, then he moaned loudly
as ecstasy overwhelmed him. Weyoun's semen splattered abundantly onto
the sheet beneath him and Odo roared like a lion, loosing his shape as
his own orgasm raged. Weyoun sank onto the bed and the shapeless Odo
fell beside him. Odo soon reformed, and the couple lay together,
trembling. They were both covered in Weyoun's thick, creamy cum.


        Odo cradled the sleeping Vorta in his arms. "Weyoun," he
whispered. He kissed him tenderly, and stroked his soft black hair.
Weyoun didn't stir as Odo slipped away to regenerate. Odo showered
first to wash dried semen from his body and bacteria from his penis.
Weyoun awoke just in time to see his lover dissolve into a shimmering
puddle on the floor. "Sweet dreams Odo, my darling Founder..."


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