This Fanfic is a slash about two consenting males. It is a sequel to
my story 'Darling Founder', containing explicit sex, bad language, and
relatively mild bdsm.

All characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are the property of
Paramount. This story is Fanfic - it is mine, and nobody else's.

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                                "SO, MY LOVE"

        It was 0600 hours on the Cardassian/Dominion space station
Terok Nor. Security Chief Odo slumbered in liquid form on the floor of
his quarters. Meanwhile, a lovely male Vorta slept naked in his bed -
it was Ambassador Weyoun, his lover. His regeneration complete, Odo
reformed and slid into bed beside him. "Weyoun," he whispered. Odo
wanted him...

        Odo was rough with Weyoun that morning, and the Vorta
cried out in pain. The Changeling was full of remorse, hating himself
for what he'd done, but as he sat on the edge of the bed, Weyoun
hugged him from behind. He reassured him in hushed velvet tones; 
"It's alright My Love, you haven't hurt me.You caused me a little
pain, that's all. You didn't mean to - I won't forgive you because
there's nothing to forgive." He held Odo's smooth face, and turned it
to meet his tender kiss.

        The couple took a leisurely shower together. After they'd
soaped each other's slender torsos, Odo poured more cleanser onto his
hand and massaged it into his lover's genitals. Weyoun held on to
Odo's shoulders as the shapeshifter's firm hand gripped his penis. He
closed his eyes and sighed, as a soapy finger slid in and out of his

        Odo turned his back to the Vorta and braced himself against
the cubicle wall. Weyoun put his arms around Odo's waist and pushed
his erect member between his buttocks, holding him tightly, inserting
himself as far as he could go. He made thrusting movements, keeping
his belly tight against his lover's rump, and Odo's insides contracted
and relaxed, caressing the Vorta's penis. Weyoun buried his face
between the shapeshifter's shoulders and stifled a moan, as he
ejaculated deep within him.

        They vacated the cubicle, and as they towelled each other,
Odo gave his lover a meaningful look. Weyoun had a duty to perform,
one which he didn't mind at all. Odo had stored the Vorta's orgasmic
emission inside himself, and needed relief. Weyoun knelt before Odo
and sucked his penis. He stroked the Changeling's anal cleft and
pushed his fingers inside, as he swallowed the warm, recycled cum.

        Weyoun was very hungry. He sat down to a large breakfast,
and between mouthfuls of fried egg, sausage and bacon, he spoke.
"There's something I want to discuss with you Odo, and this seems
like an appropriate moment. There's something I'd like to try,
something we might enjoy doing together..."


        Odo cherished Weyoun. Whatever else he might be, he was
the most affectionate and demonstrative of lovers. He was adventurous,
uninhibited, and Odo looked forward to their time together. He happily
returned the Vorta's affection. Now Weyoun was asking for something
which was adventurous, but not at all affectionate. He asked Odo to
think carefully before giving him an answer. He said he wouldn't
pressure him, or try to manipulate him. "You have to want it too,

        Odo couldn't think about much else that day - he'd never had
so much trouble concentrating on his work. He thought back to the time
before he'd ever 'coupled' - his work fulfilled him, and he never even
thought about sex. Had he been happy? It seemed such a long time ago
now, and he couldn't really remember. One thing he was certain of,
however - he was going to tell Weyoun "No." He wouldn't, COULDN'T do
this thing...


        Weyoun's quarters were luxurious by station standards. He'd
chosen the plush carpets and most of the furnishings himself. All the
decorations the previous occupant had left behind had been thrown out,
along with most of the furniture. But he'd kept the bed - it was very
comfortable. It was, in fact, an antique cast iron bedstead the owner
had brought from earth. The beauty of its curved ironwork was lost on
Weyoun, but now at least he'd found a good use for it.

         Weyoun greeted his visitor at the door. The Vorta looked
ravishing in tight black leather trousers, long black leather boots,
and a cream silk shirt, slit open to the waist. Odo returned his
welcoming kiss, but resisted the urge to reach inside the shirt and
stroke a nipple.

        Weyoun reclined in a soft chair with his feet upon a small
table, ankles crossed. On the table were two strips of black silk, and
a multi-coloured jar of Risan design. Weyoun was holding a leather
riding crop. He regarded Odo seriously as he stroked it's smooth
black shaft. What's going on here? Odo asked himself. Pressure?
Manipulation? Temptation?

         Odo sighed. The events of that morning had shown him he
was capable of less than gentle conduct with Weyoun, and the Vorta
was clearly serious about his request. Odo didn't really want to
disappoint his lover - he only wanted to play a game, after all.
Alright. He'd co-operate, play along - but only as far as he could.

        "So, My Love - what's it to be?"

        Silence. A moment of doubt. Then Odo answered confidently.
He said "Yes."


        "Because I WANT to."

        Weyoun rose to his feet and stripped in front of his lover.
He took the crop, went to Odo, and stood naked and aroused before
him. He kissed the black leather shaft, letting his lips linger for a
moment. Then he bowed his head, and offered the crop to Odo with open


        Odo replaced his security uniform with a 'leather' creation
of his own. One-piece, black, and figure hugging, complete with
gauntlets and boots - it even smelled like the real thing. He held the
crop behind Weyoun's back - the Vorta shivered when it touched his
bare skin. Holding it at both ends, Odo encircled his lover and drew
him close.

        Weyoun inhaled the aroma of Odo's leather skin and felt
its texture against his naked body - it thrilled him. "Perfect," he
whispered. He looked up and gazed adoringly at the Changeling with
his impossibly blue eyes. Odo hugged and kissed him, and Weyoun
feared he was having second thoughts. He didn't want to stop now,
having come this far. He went down on his knees before his lover and
embraced his thighs. The side of his face came to rest against Odo's
belly. "Please, Odo, my dearest love..." There was emotion in the
Vorta's sensuous voice. "All I want is for you to show me."

         "Show you what, Weyoun?" Odo ran his fingers through his
lover's thick black hair. "Show me what it's like to be helpless,"
Weyoun replied. "Show me how it feels to be at the mercy of another
being. I want to know, and I want you to show me..." His tone had
changed to one of playful lust. He looked up at Odo and grinned,


        Odo knew what it was like to be helpless, and at another
being's mercy. Dr Mora, for all that he loved Odo, had caused him
pain and terrible fear - and a plain, simple Cardassian tailor had
deliberately tortured him. What Weyoun wanted done to him was nothing
in comparison - it was a game, and he need not be afraid. Odo held
him under his arms and pulled him to his feet. The game was about to


        Odo blindfolded the Vorta with a strip of black silk and
pushed him onto the bed. Weyoun landed on his back - he moved
to turn onto his front, but Odo ordered him to lie still. The
shapeshifter pulled Weyoun's arms above and behind him, and
using the second silk strip, secured his wrists to the bed.

        Weyoun tugged at his bonds - they held fast. Odo took the
crop and began to trace a pattern all over the Vorta's body. First the
inside of one arm, then the other, and across his chest. The crop
lingered over each sensitive nipple, making his whole body tremble.
It stroked his flanks, his belly, and then took turns at each slender
thigh. It caressed his balls and brushed his penis with its soft
leather tip. Weyoun moaned with excitement and delight.

        Odo untied the Vorta, turned him onto his front, and secured
his wrists once more. The crop ran across his shoulders, zig-zagged
down his spine and stroked the backs of his thighs. Weyoun felt it
being drawn along the back of his scrotum and into his anal cleft -
then it came down hard, across his buttocks. He gasped with pain
and surprise.


        "So, Weyoun, why are we here? What could you possibly have
done to deserve such... such punishment?" The Vorta considered his
reply. He hesitated too long, and the crop came down again - a little
harder than before. Weyoun yelped, and Odo watched, fascinated, at the
two red welts forming on his lover's behind.

         "I.... I seduced a Founder..."

         "Now that sounds very serious. Are you sure it was you who
seduced him, and not the other way about?"

        "No. I took advantage of him. I violated and abused him.
It was my doing, all mine."

        "You seem very sure. Perhaps you should tell me about it.
What exactly happened?"

        "I followed him to his quarters one night. He invited me, but
I needn't have gone. I shouldn't have. I was about to leave, when he
touched me. All he did was touch my face. I didn't even know why he
was doing it. But I went ahead and kissed him. And I shamelessly
rubbed my hard cock against him so he'd know I wanted him. What
else could he do but take me to his bed? I encouraged him to touch my
naked body, while I touched every part of his. I even sucked his cock
until he'd almost come. Then I offered myself for his gratification,
and he... "

        "And he gave in to you - because by then he was unable to do
anything else!" Odo pretended to be disgusted, and struck Weyoun
twice. The Vorta cried out each time. "How many times have you done
this?" Odo demanded to know. "Who else have you taken advantage of?
What about those pathetic Jem'Hadar? Have you had any of them?"

         Weyoun threw back his head and laughed. "Do you know
they're sexless? I only found out when I got into bed with one of
them. It was a young specimen - I thought I'd 'complete its
education'. Its upper torso was fairly agreeable, though scaly and
a little rough. But when I felt between its legs I was shocked. I
pulled the covers away and saw there was nothing - no cock, no
balls, not even an asshole! Its mouth proved more than adequate
though, and I taught it to give excellent head. I fucked its mouth on
several memorable occasions."

        Odo closed his eyes and pictured his lover being fellated by
the Jem'Hadar. He could see him sat on the edge of the bed, holding
the creature's head in place. He saw him thrusting into its mouth and
leaning back as his pleasure increased. He imagined the expression
on his face and his moans of delight - then a brief silence and
tension in his body, as the moment of ecstasy arrived. Odo saw his
back arch and heard his joyful cry, as hot Vorta semen spilled into
Jem'Hadar mouth. It was a pleasant image, indeed.

        "I'm appalled at you, Weyoun." Odo scolded. "That Jem'Hadar
must have been humiliated when you discovered its secret. I expect it
would have done anything to please you, if it thought that to do so
would stop you revealing its 'inadequacies'. And now you've betrayed
the poor creature - after all the pleasure it gave you."

        Four times the crop came down, and Weyoun gave a
drawn-out, mournful cry. It startled Odo - he hadn't heard him make
that sound before. He couldn't tell whether it indicated pleasure
or pain. "Are you alright?" he asked, very concerned. "Do you want
me to stop?"

        "NO! Please Odo, you mustn't stop!" the Vorta gasped. Odo
knelt beside him and stroked his back. "Hush now, I'm not going to
stop." His tone was soothing. "I won't stop unless you ask me to. Now
tell me - have you ever had sex with a human?" Weyoun took a moment
to compose himself before he answered.

        "There was a black man, a valuable Federation prisoner - he
was a starship commander. He was being exchanged for one of our own,
and I was escorting him back to Federation space. I had him brought to
my quarters. He realised I was planning to fuck him, and undressed in
front of me without being told. He was tall and muscular - and very
well endowed. He stood proudly as I looked at his body, and I reached
out to touch his smooth black chest - then he reached out to me and
started pulling at my clothes. I was angry with him - how dare he
touch me! I raised my arm and attempted to strike him, but he caught
my wrist and held it. He looked at me - there was no fear in his eyes.
And from that moment on I was his - he had taken possession of me!
There were two Jem'Hadar guards in the room, and I had to tell them
to turn their backs - I couldn't let them see I wasn't in control.

        I'd set out to fuck him and take what I could from him, but we
ended up making love to each other - we both gave and received. And
he gave me so much pleasure I wanted to do something special for him,
so for the very first time I allowed myself to be penetrated. It was
very painful, because of his size - but while it was happening I
thought about the lovely man who was doing it to me. It was _his_
prick I could feel inside me, his enjoyment of me causing the pain.
And the pain didn't stop then or for some time after he'd come - but I
loved it! I had discovered the joy of surrendering to someone
exceptional. I also realised I could feel pain and pleasure at the
same time..."

        Odo's eyes were closed and he was rubbing his groin. His
breathing was heavy. He didn't speak for several seconds, and he
forgot to strike Weyoun. "Have you ever been with another Vorta?"
he asked in a voice that was barely more than a whisper.

        "One time Keevan and I were together."

        "Keevan!" Odo hissed. "You fucked with Keevan?"
        "Yes. We fucked each other."

        Odo didn't need to hear Weyoun's description of events.
The very thought of the two lovely Vorta naked together, touching,
kissing, getting each other hard, was enough to drive him to a frenzy.
He moaned with pleasure.

        Odo didn't know where he was anymore - he was out of
control. He raised Weyoun's hips, and re-positioned him with his knees
bent under him. Then he lay into him with all his Changeling strength.
He shouted at him, calling him all the disgusting names he could think
of. He couldn't hear his pleas and agonised cries. He didn't know
he was hitting him far too hard...

        Odo finished beating Weyoun and regained his senses.
Then he recoiled in horror at what he saw. Weyoun was straining
at his bonds and looked pitiful. But the horror was in seeing his
injuries - and knowing that he, Odo, had inflicted them. The poor
Vorta's buttocks were covered in blood. Each brutal blow - Odo
hadn't counted them - had broken the skin. Weyoun didn't make
a sound, but Odo knew he was in agony.

        Odo released Weyoun from the black silk that bound his
wrists and covered his eyes, and held him. All the strength seemed
to have gone from his body, and there was a look of disbelief on his
face. His eyes were filled with tears, and Odo thought they had never
looked so beautiful. He kissed him with a mixture of tenderness and

        "Oh Weyoun, oh My Love..." Odo wept. "I'm so sorry...
I didn't mean to do this to you... I never meant to hurt you so... Oh
Weyoun!" He buried his face in the Vorta's soft black hair, his heart
breaking. Then suddenly, Weyoun was laughing. Odo looked
at him in dismay. Weyoun was in terrible pain but could still manage
a smile. "Just look what you've done, Odo...You'd better make it
better, hadn't you..."


        Odo lay the stricken Vorta face down on a dry part of the
bed - Weyoun had evidently come during his ordeal. "Lie still Weyoun -
I have a dermal regenerator."

        "No," the Vorta protested. "This is my punishment...
I deserve it".

        "Oh Weyoun, don't..." Odo reluctantly put the regenerator
aside. The wounds still required attention.

        Poor Weyoun. Odo felt so sorry for him as he trembled and
moaned with the pain, but he wouldn't be helped. The shapeshifter
gently bathed and dried him. He tried so hard not to hurt him, but to
no avail. Again, he offered treatment with the dermal regenerator -
once more the answer was no. This time, however, Weyoun asked for
something to be brought from the small table in the other room - a
coloured glass jar of Risan design.

        Odo dipped into the jar, and coated his palms generously with
it's contents - a rich cream that felt pleasantly cool. He tentatively
laid his hands on the Vorta's wounds, and Weyoun winced and cried out,
but Odo persisted. He tenderly caressed his lover's buttocks, as he'd
done many times before. The supple flesh felt very warm beneath his
cool hands. The cream began to soothe, and Odo dipped into the jar
again and again. The caresses were followed by gentle kisses - Odo's
lips barely touched the delicate skin. The sensations they produced
caused Weyoun to draw breath, and let out a rapturous moan...


        Weyoun's pain had become intensely pleasurable - he
cried with the sheer joy of it. Odo had become highly aroused, but
wouldn't let his penis form. Weyoun reached out to him. "Don't be
afraid to fuck me Odo, if that's what you want." The leather
'clothing' disappeared and Odo's member grew big and stiff in his

        Weyoun returned to the bent over position and Odo made love
to him. The pain of his penetration was exquisite, and he wished he
could die with Odo inside him. When their shared ecstasy had passed,
Odo slipped beneath the little Vorta, and moulded himself to his
slender form. Odo brushed away his lover's tears, and Weyoun began
to drift off to sleep - the pain was almost completely gone. In the
morning, Odo could heal him properly with the dermal regenerator.
"Stay with me, My Love," the Vorta whispered. Odo did stay, and when
he could hold his shape no longer, he embraced Weyoun with his liquid
self, keeping him safe and warm throughout the night...


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