Art by Tigeress

I took the time to take my art off the main art page and give it its own folder. So here is it, the stuff I waste my time on when I'm not slaving over a hot computer to bring you this web site. Click for a larger view.

I have a new passion and a new page to prove it. I've gotten into ink drawing of macabe things. Cheque it out.

Dark Ink

This is Rufus from Re-Animator, Dan's re-animated cat. I'm sorry that's not politically correct: "Dan's living impaired feline companion".

Here is one of Herbert's first experiments with re-animating parts in Bride of Re-Animator.

As you can see by the drawings that I do Re-Animator is my favourite. Here is one of Herbert West. It probably isn't very good for you to get re-animating juice on your hands, but consider this a use of artistic licence.

I had nothing to do the other day (word of warning: always make sure an artist has something to do, bad things happen when they get bored.) Anyway, so I drew this. Enjoy.

If you want to see more of my art that is not Jeffrey Combs related go Here.

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