The Net

I've never actually seen "The Net". Apparently his character name is Max, that's all I know. In fact these pictures were provided by the wonderful, gracious, giving, magnificent Dawn and her partner in crime Kate. Dawn did the snapping and Kate hunted down Dawn for me. Keep the pics coming girls!

Here is a brief synopsis of "The Net" by Dawn so that these pictures can have some plot to go along with the face:

"'The Net' episode called 'The Lunatic Fringe': Jeff plays a con artist by the name of Max Copernicus. His website draws the attention of the Praetorians (the bad guys). They bring him in for questioning but the kids break him out (the good guys...sorry I can't remember exact names). It was nice to see him make it out alive in this episode. Aside from being a con artist, he pretty much played a "normal" character."

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